Haiyan Typhoon Disaster in the Philippines


Dear Community Members

In response to the devastating tragedy that killed thousands of Filipinos and left others homeless, and massive destruction in its wake, members of the Filipino community in Bloomington and the IU Asian Culture Center will be hosting an event to express support for and solidarity with the victims of the typhoon, and to empower and inspire those willing to help support the relief efforts.

"Haiyan Typhoon Teach In/Forum and Fundraiser"
WHEN: Nov. 20, 7 pm – 8:30 pm
WHERE: Solarium at Indiana Memorial Union

The forum is also an opportunity to get everyone who is interested in helping with immediate relief and long term rebuilding efforts come together and generate ideas. We’re hoping that the forum will give everyone a good background about the affected areas in terms of its history, politics and culture, and current situation.

After the panel presentation, there will be time for individuals and organizations to come up to the podium and make an announcement of specific fundraising event or express a call out for partnership with interested individuals or similar organizations to collaborate. In the interest of time, please limit your announcement to no more than a minute. If you would like to participate in this portion, please email acc@indiana.edu with subject heading: Haiyan Relief Forum

a. Your name and contact information
b. Name of organization
c. Indicate whether you will be making an announcement about a specific fundraiser activity/event OR call out for partnership/collaboration with other groups and individuals.
d. If you are unable to attend, we can certainly make an announcement of your event on your behalf. Simply email acc@indiana.edu with the details.

Thank you!
Members of Asian Culture Center