Movie Review: Purple Sunset (2001)

Purple Sunset is an anti-war film set in August 1945, at the time when the Japanese were in the throes of defeat during World War II and losing control of mainland China. It was voted “Best Feature” by the audience in the 2001 Hawaii International Film Festival. In 1945, as the war with Japan was coming to an end, a Chinese soldier, Yang, was saved by the Soviet Red Army from the Japanese. Yang and a female Soviet Union military surgeon, Naja, escaped into the forest where they encountered Akibako, a young Japanese girl. The three, with different nationalities are on the road trying to survive.

The film shows how war destroys everyone involved, physically and emotionally, just as it shows the power of friendship. Although the three protagonists are from different nationalities and have different personalities, their will to survive and the hope for peace brings them together. The filmmaker shows that regardless of who wins a war, it takes lives, loves, and even civilizations.

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