Potsticker: Hate Crimes

The Rice Paper asked: In September, the ACC hosted a panel discussion about immigration in collaboration with the Latino Cultural Center in observance of Hispanic Heritage Month titled “A Changed America?”

One topic brought up by Jennifer Lee, a professor in the sociology department, during the panel discussion was hate crimes against immigrants.

Lee mentioned the Twitter feeds and Tumblr accounts from Ohio State University, which were reported on earlier this year, that share racist thoughts and opinions from OSU students. The university stepped in and took action to promote awareness of the issue. While the Twitter handle @OSU_Asian is no longer active, the fact that this type of action happened at all is worth discussing.

Have you ever been harassed or seen someone else being harassed on the Indiana University campus or in Bloomington? Is it the University’s place to step in and make sure things like this don’t occur? How can communities prevent racist actions like this from happening?

I saw harassment occur last year in my dorm toward an openly out student. The Indiana University Incident Team did an amazing job, they had everyone from our building talk about how it had affected us. It was mandatory and made the victim feel better as well as the rest of the community feel safer.
- Carley Cruz

I have not really had personal experience with slurs about immigrants just drunken yells out cars like "snatch her she's alone" in broad daylight during little 5. but thats more of another type of harassment.I've seen posts saying the usual 'go back to america.' If those are used i'd like to stay anonymous please.

My friend who is asian said I could share his experience anonymously as well some guys yelled at him at night and he came back crying, yelling mean racial slurs about asians and chasing him, he felt threatened and he was alone and couldn't walk outside alone at night for a while after that so we tried to work to promote a cultural understanding among groups on campus so people, so hopefully there would be more of that.
- Anonymous

Even growing up in southwestern VA, where there were few Asian families, I've rarely experienced any obvious racism. Unfortunately, tonight I had my first experience with blatant racism. I was standing at the corner of College and Kirkwood, waiting to cross the street, when a U-haul passes by me, window open, and I hear a gruff male voice shout, "GO HOME!" I was startled and looked around me, and there were no other people it could have been directed at. I had heard of similar incidents occurring in Bloomington, but was saddened to learn that these things do happen in a town I've come to call another home. Of course, the irony is that I am American-born.
- Anonymous

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