Indiana University Bloomington

General Descriptions

Asian Cultures Around Campus

Asian Cultures Around Campus is an ongoing series of performances and instructional demonstrations featuring student talents as well as homegrown and renowned artists outside of Bloomington. Through these performances, the Asian Culture Center endeavors to bring the Asian cultures closer to the University and Bloomington communities. Admission is free and everyone is welcome. Past programs include:

  • Moon Festival Celebration
  • Classical Indian Dance Demonstration and Concert Performance
  • Salmunori: Korean percussion ensemble

Monday Table Topics: Round-Table Discussion

Monday Table Topics is a monthly discussion and luncheon with IU faculty and visiting scholars at Indiana University. The roundtable serves as one of the many informal outlets for scholars to talk about topics related to Asian culture, history, arts, education, politics, government and business. A light lunch is usually provided. Past roundtable discussions have included:

  • The Status Of Private Education in China
  • Honor Killings in Pakistan: The Fruits and Perils of Transnational Feminism with Political Science
  • History of Street Performances Using Birds in Japan

Over A Cup Of Tea

Over a Cup of Tea is a monthly forum on issues affecting Asian Pacific Americans. Guest speakers are often invited to present their expertise on particular subjects and to faciliate discussions. Some past topics and guests include:

  • Culture and Childrearing
  • Interracial Couples: Blending Backgrounds, Sharing a Name - Student Panel Discussion
  • Who Pays For the Meal? Different Ways of Exchanging Gifts
  • Targeting the Asian Market

Annual Asian Student Leadership Retreat

The Asian Culture Center holds an annual Student Leadership Retreat focusing on empowerment and leadership development. At little or no cost to participants, students participate in a variety of challenge and team-building activities at Bradford Woods, Indiana University's outdoor education facility. Many of the graduates of the Student Leadership Retreat go on to become leaders of our student organizations.

Whether you are a freshman or a senior, you are involved in a lot of organizations or none, or you are just interested in meeting new people and having a good time, we invite you to participate in our next Student Leadership Retreat scheduled the weekend after Labor Day. For more information, please contact or call (812) 856-5361.

Asian Presidents' Dinner Meeting

Sponsored by the Asian Student Union and the Asian Culture Center, this monthly dinner meeting of all Asian student leaders is an opportunity for student leaders to network, get support, and learn from each other's activities. If you would like to observe the meeting or if you have an important announcement or agenda to be included please contact the ACC.Recipe Exchange and Cooking Demonstration. The ACC invites guests who will unveil their culinary knowledge and tell you about the varieties and nuances of the featured Asian dish, as well as its preparation. Past featured recipes have included Yum Woon Sen and Korean Bulgogi.

Retracing Our Roots

Recognizing the need for a sense of community within Asian Pacific American (APA) students in the Indiana University campus, the IU Asian Culture Center is holding a retreat to foster relationships and spread awareness for freshmen and sophomore APA students. For more information, click here.