Instructions for Speech Production &
Perception CDrom

To use the CDrom software, Speech Production and Perception, you must first check out one of the two CDroms from Kim (or another staff person) in the front office. Do not take the CD out of the building.

Start Speech Pro./Per. CDrom through menus:
1) Insert the cd into the player.
2) Run the driver through the menu choices:
3) start->programs->departmentally sponsored->Sphs->Speech Production & Perception.
4) Select an activity in the courseware.

Click exit to leave. Do not forget to retrieve CD and return to office.

To Record in the laboratory excercises:

You need to use machines in the SPHS C162 cluster in order to have microphone headsets. Log on as usual. Check that the headset connectors are attached as shown on our class instructions. Put on head set with microphone about ½ inch from side of mouth.

Last Updated: 10/11/99