Guidelines for Writing Laboratory Reports
D. Kewley-Port 3/4/98

Each of the laboratories is usually preceded by one or two homeworks designed to prepare you for the main lab. Some labs will be specified as needing a 'modest' lab report, while other a 'full' lab report. In each case, report what you did and learned in the lab. In either case, computer printouts, graphs or tables should be added to the text as required or to support points in the lab.

Modest lab report: organize the material according to the main sections, I-III below in about 1 page of text.

Full lab report: include all main sections I- IV in about 1 to 3 pages of text. Beyond the successful completion of parts I through III (outlined below), it is in part IV that should indicate that you have some mastery over the laboratory topic.

These suggested guidelines are designed to help you organize your report. They will be used in grading your lab based on the strengths or weaknesses of each part. As much as possible try to create an integrated written report rather than one that simply jumps from one area to the next.

All of the writing must be in your own words and reflect your personal understanding of the project's content.

I Introduction

II Relevant Methods

III Specific Results of Lab

IV Conclusions & Extensions