Instructions to use
MATLAB for DKP Courses in STC Clusters

Updated 1/06/08       D. Kewley-Port

[Note: Matlab takes a long time to load. ]

These instructions assume your files are kept on a USB memory stick, Drive F: in STC clusters.

First Time on Matlab or Adding new Matlab paths:

1)In your your USB stick, create a directory for work for this class.

       File->New -> Folder

        Name this folder: matstuff.

You will want to back this up (see below).

2) Start Matlab under Programs->Statistics-Math - > Matlab R2007a

3) You need to set your Current Directory and path for the new matstuff directory:

In your Current Directory window, change to your USB stick.

     Type: F:\matstuff
      [or use browse button]

[If F:\mastuff is different for you, substitute your directory in steps below.]

4) You need to use the command `addpath' to add your matstuff (and later other) directories to the Matlab path. The command `path' will show your current path. In the STC clusters, lots of files are already in the path. To permanently set up your path, you will make an m-script in your matstuff directory to add all your personal paths:

  1. Bring up Matlab editor: Type 'edit' in the command window, or File -> New -> M-file
  2. To add to the path, type: addpath F:\matstuff
  3. You may add more paths with a space, or with a <CR> and another line beginning with addpath. For example:
         addpath F:\matstuff    F:\matstuff\dspfirst
  4. After adding all the paths, save this file as mypath.m in your matstuff directory with: File-> Save as, or ^S.
  5. Go back to the command window: type mypath. The path will be added into the Matlab path.
  6. You might want to put a shortcut for Matlab in matsuff directory. Go back to (2) to access MatLab in STC clusters. Instead of launching MatLab, click the right button to make a shortcut and put it on your DeskTop. Then copy the shortcut to your matstuff directory.

5) All Other Times on Matlab:

  1. Start Matlab under Statistics-Math programs, or with your shortcut.
  2. Set your Current Directory and path for matstuff, on your USB stick: F:\matstuff
  3. Set the path, type: mypath

6) Backup to Oncourse CL Resources

  1. Make a backup directory in your "My Workspace", Resources on Oncourse CL (e.g., mystuffbak)
  2. Use this directory for backing up anything usefull in S522.