Fall, 2007

Instructions for Dr. Speech

You need to use machines in the SPHS C164 cluster in order to have microphone headsets. Log on as usual. Plug in headset with connectors matching the microphone and headphone symbols on the plug and jack. Put on head set with microphone about ½ inch from side of mouth.

Start Dr. Speech through STC menus:
1) start->programs->departmentally sponsored->sphs->Dr. Speech->Dr. Speech
2) Click the Tiger to begin

To record:

First, set up windows for microphone input.
1) Double click on speaker at lower right of screen. Move volume slider to near the top.
2) Click Options ->Properties. Click radio button for recording. Make sure "Micropohone" is checked.
3) Put microphone slider near the top and check "Select" button.

Go back to Dr. Speech.
4)Check record level: File->Set up Recording Speak immediately. Your recording should cover about ½ to the full range. Increase the level on the microphone slider if necessary and try again.
5) Record: Click on red button, or File -> Record something (/ah/?)
6) Optional: Change time to correct length. It defaults to 3 seconds. To change:
Options-> Audio Recording Settings
For short recordings, use 1000-1500 ms. For long recordings, use 4000-5000 ms.

Calculate your fundamental frequency (pitch)
1) Press the "blue line" box next to the down arrow.

Make Spectrogram:
1) Analysis -> Spectrogram or press F7 or click SG on the top bar.
2) Better to see formants. Calcualte pitch, the press F9 or click the SG with blue, green & red lines on the top bar.

To Zoom:
1) In lower window, click on left mouse button. A green window appears. It can be stretched or shrunk, and the upper window will change. You can analyze zoom window. To unzoom, click right button in lower window.

To measure time:
1) In upper window, click left mouse once. Position at first (left) point on waveform to measure, and double click. Move to last (right) point to measure, and double click. The left number in the red pair is time marked in seconds. To unmark, double click with right button.

How to print spectrograms:
The print command command does not work in STC clusters.You must 'export' the spectrogram and then paste it into a wordprocessor.

Specific steps for MSWord are:
1) Arrange your Dr. Speech display to be exactly what you want to print out.
2) Open MSWord to a new document.
3) In Dr. Speech, under menu File, select Export Screen.
4) In MSWord, click on paste. The Dr. Speech display will appear.
5) To print, click on printer.

Note: You can keep Dr. Speech and MSWord open throughout your lab session to print anytime you choose.

Last Updated: 11/24/07