General Information Fall 2007
Introduction to Acoustics
S302: Section 20560 Credit Hours: 3
S515: Section 20574 Credit Hours: 2

Instructor: D. KewleyPort AI: Megan Haviland

Time & location : 9:30-10:45 pm, MW in C141.

e-mail and S302 course info: ONCOURSE
For emergencies you can email: and

Office Hours: Diane Kewley-Port, Tues., 3:00-4:00, Fri. 11:00-noon in C191, Phone 812 855-5103
AI, Megan Haviland, office hours , Monday 4:00-5:00, in C123

Website:   Note that this site will be updated on-line as the class progresses, including the homeworks.

Required Materials:

1. Texts: Charles Speaks, Introduction to Sound Third Edition, Singular Publishing, 1999.
         Peter Denes and Elliot Pinson, The Speech Chain, W.H. Freeman & Co., 1993.

2. CPS Response Pad (clicker) and Activation Code for S319: Available from the IU Bookstore. The ISBNs are:

1881483717 (response pad)
1881483045 (activation code)

Instructions to use the activatation code will be handed out in class. Activation must be completed by Aug. 31th class.

3. A good quality scientific calculator is REQUIRED (graphing calculators are good).

Prerequisites: One mathematics course taken at IU is the prerequisite for S302. Please discuss with instructor if S101 and S201 have not been taken.

Supplements: Our Weekly Schedule on Oncourse or or will be the source of homeworks and on-line information. Handouts will also be distributed in class. It is recommended that you use a 3-ring notebook for these and other class materials.

Requirements and Course Grading

Homeworks will usually be assigned weekly and are usually due Mondays at the beginning of class. They will be collected and promptly graded. Correct answers will be handed out and discussed in class.

Quizzes: In class quizzes will be administered throughout the class with the clickers. Typically there are two quiz questions worth 2 points each. Quizzes will cover the material assigned in the readings and homeworks for that day. One point will be given using the clicker once during class for attending.

Exams: There will be 3 tests in the course during the semester. Students may bring one 8.5" X 11" page of handwritten notes for each test. Note sheets will be checked, and no computer or machine copied notes will be permitted. Grades from the best 2 of the 3 semester tests will count towards the final grade. Therefore there will be no make up tests.

Speech Project: During the last week of class, a project will be done in class to apply knowledge about acoustics and speech to a laboratory project. A written report of this project will be due during finals week (there is no final).

Attendance: ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY. Lectures will be given at 9:30-10:45 pm, MW in C141. In class quizzes are administered throughout the class with the clickers and serve to take attendence. For attending, one point will be given using the clicker once during class even if no correct answers are given. No points for missing class and quizzes (except for extenuating circumstances discussed with Dr. Kewley-Port). Clicker use will begin the second week of class.


There will be about 13 homeworks, in class quizzes, three tests and a speech project. The grade points distribution for the work is:

Homeworks 15%
Quizzes 15%
Tests (two best grades) 30% points each
Speech project 10%

Letter-Percentage correspondance is shown below. Border-line grades may be adjusted upward in assigning final grades based on classroom participation, staying current with daily reading and homework assignments as demonstrate in the quizzes.

Letter Grade

Indvidual grades will be posted on ONCOURSE. Summary speadsheets will be posted on paper about three times during the semester. If at any time a student has questions about his or her performance, grades or the grading policy, the student should talk with the instructor as soon as possible.

Incompletes:  NONE.

Academic Misconduct:

Students are expected turn in materials that are the result of their independent work. Anyone who cheats on any homework, test or project will receive a grade of F in the course and a letter will be placed in the student's file. Academic Misconduct policies in this class are in agreement with those of the university found at:

Math competence:

It is assumed that all students have a working knowledge of high school algebra. It is a prerequisite of this course that a mathematics course at IU has been completed prior to taking S302. Most importantly, to understand decibels, you must understand logarithms. This includes dividing, adding and subtracting logarithms. Please review this material, if necessary, as the class will not review logarithms in detail.

The following Knowledge and Skills Acquisition (KASA) from the Audiology/Speech-Language Certification Standards will be covered in this class.  Students will meet these standards through assigned readings, homework problems, and in class exams.
Audiology Standards

Speech-Language Pathology Standards

S302, Aug. 26, 2007