S302, Kewley-Port 11/11/07

Homework 12 A - First Half
Vowels, Consonants

1. Select 3 of the 8 cardinal vowels. Describe their articulatory properties in terms of tongue height, tongue backness and liprounding

1. ______________________    ____________________________   __________________________

2. ______________________    ____________________________   __________________________

3. ______________________    ____________________________   __________________________

2. What plosives are produced at the velar place of articulation? Give an example word in English for each plosive.

3. What fricatives are produced at the palatalalveolar place of articulation. Give an example word in English for each fricative.

4. Explain what is meant by nasal manner of articulation.

5. a) Draw a glottal waveform of airflow versus time below. Assume the waveform is for a female talker with F0 = 200 Hz. Calculate the period of the waveform. Label time axis and mark the period carefully.

b) Assume this is a female with harmonics decreasing at -12 dB/oct. If f1 has an amplitude of 70 dB, carefully sketch the glottal spectrum of the source from 0 to 2000 Hz.

6. a) The female above has a vocal tract 14 cm long. If it is modeled as an open/closed tube, what are the first three natural resonances (formants) of this tube?

b) Assume the resonances are highly damped. Draw a transfer function for your tube in (a) showing the formants.

c) For the glottal source you sketched in  (5b), sketch the output spectrum when it has been filtered by the transfer function you sketched in (6b).

7. What is the difference in the spectra of an /uh/ vowel produced by a male and a female talker?