S302, Kewley-Port 9/9/07

Homework #3

1. The basketball coach is pacing back and forth in front of the bench 6 times in 4 minutes. What is the frequency of the coach's pacing?

2. For angle Ø, calculate the sin (Ø) for the a complete cycle of the sin wave every 20º (similar to Table 2-1). Plot sin (Ø) as a function of the angle Ø (see Fig. 2-9).

3. Look at Fig. 2-10. The wheel is turning 250 cycles each second. What is the frequency of the sound created by the balloon?__________  What is the period of each cycle? _______________

4. The uniform angular velocity of the wheel in Fig. 2-10 is 90º every 0.01 seconds. What is the frequency of the sound?

5. Draw waveform represent the change in pressure of a traveling wave resulting from a tuning fork. Label the axes carefully. Refer to Figures 1.4 and 2.12.

6. The radius of a circle is one. Calculate the sin (115 °) __________. What is the displacement of the sine wave for this angle? ________What percent of the maximum displacement of the sine wave is this?______________

7. Draw a sine wave with an amplitude of 10 volts: y = 10v * sin (Ø). What is the peak-to-peak amplitude? __________  What is the rms amplitude? ________________

8. A system in SMH has a period of .01s. It's displacement (amplitude) is 4. Carefully draw two periods of this sine wave, labeling the axes, including tick marks, clearly.