S302, Kewley-Port 10/9/07

Homework 7

Complex waves

1. Describe the difference between a harmonic series and a series of octave frequencies.

2. Describe in you own words what a Fourier series is.

3. There is a formula that relates the dB value for each harmonic for the sawtooth waveform.
a) Write down the formula.

b) What are the dB values for the first 3 harmonics? ____________, ____________, ____________

4. A sawtooth wave has an F0 = 150 Hz. Its spectral envelop decreases at 6 dB/octave. Draw the line spectrum for this sawtooth for the first 10 harmonics carefully with dB on the y-axis.

5. a) Describe in you own words what a phase spectrum is.

b) Look at the phase spectrum for the sawtooth waveform in Fig. 5-9. What are the phases of each of the harmonics in this figure?

6. Look at Figure 5-8. Explain what the amplitude spectrum is and how it relates to the white noise waveform shown in the figure.