S522, Kewley-Port
Spring , 2008

Assignment #1

MATLAB and Sinusoids

[For information on software for this course, see Acoustics Software  & Instructions]

Notice that the book has a table of contents for the CD on p. 508-517. You should become familiar with the CDrom (henceforth called CD).  It is run under a browser. Click on the file Index.htm on the CD and add it to your bookmarks or favorites. Explore the demos, labs, exercises and homeworks. As you read the book from Chap. 2 on, follow along with the Demos and Exercises from the CD. The labs on the CD are printed in Appendix C, p. 415 on, with slightly different a number scheme. Yes, the structure to the CD (and to the book) is odd.

You must become familiar with Matlab asap. There are specific instructions about running Matlab in our STC clusters:  Matlab for DKP.   There are two good tutorials you should try and do by Thursday 1/10.

  1. First, this week go through the online tutorial, Getting Started with Matlab at IU.
  2.  Another Matlab tutorial is on our DSPFirst CD.  The Matlab tutorial is in Chap. 2, Lab #1 assigned below.
  3. Handy online reference for Matlab is the Matlab Function Reference.

Specific Assignments on CD, Week 1, due 1/14:

  1. Matlab needs rapid access to your course files. The best way to assure continuity between computers is for you to have a USB memory stick for this class. Course instructions will assume this "F: drive" is the primary location of your files because that is the STC site assigned drive. Backups should also be kept on your Oncourse CL, My Workspace, Resources (see   Matlab for DKP).
  2. Unless you are quite familiar with MatLab, do Lab 1, skipping  C.1.2.7. if you want. Everyone should turn in answers to C.1.4 Lab Review Questions, including a print out of example.m and the associated plot.
  3. On the CD, Table of Contents, select Sinusoids and bring up demo 'Sine Drill'. You need to get the m-code from the CD onto your USB stick. There are some directions under "Sine Drill' ABOUT the MATLAB toolbox directory that you can skip. Instead, copy the whole directory on the CD, \\MATLAB\WINDOWS\DSPFIRST to your USB stick as directory \DSPFIRST. To set the needed MatLab path to this directory, see   Matlab for DKP. After you have done this copy and set your path, type "DSPFIRST" in the Command Window. Select the Sine Drill demo to do several "New Quizzes" at the Novice level.
  4.  Also select Demo Sinusoids, and do only Matlab section.  Print out plot of the "modified" equation at the bottom of page to turn in.
  5.  Do Book Prob. 2.2b, 2.4, 2.7 a, p. 43-44 and turn them in [NOTE: 'homework' problems on CD are different from the ones in the Book.  I will be careful to distinguish them. These problems are in the Book.]

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