S522, Kewley-Port
Spring, 2008

Assignment #2

Complex Numbers

Specific Assignments from Chap 2 & 3, Week 2, due Wed. 1/23:

[10 pts for #1 - #4]

  1. Do Appendix Problems, p. 398, A.1 a & c, A.3 b, A.5 a, c & h, A.7 c. and turn in answers.
  2. Get ready to do Lab 2, zdrill.m. You must first add path matstuff\dspfirst\zdrill to your path in Matlab, and make sure that typing zdrill at the Matlab command brings up the Gui on p. 397. Or go to DSPFIRST GUI and select "Complex Number Drill".
  3. Do Lab 2 on the CD (p 427 in the book). Two useful functions in dspfirst\matlab are zprint and zvect. HOwever, for current Matlab versions, you'll need to download ZVECTDKP.M from S522 Resources for a working version (use as an example, ZVECTDEP ([1+j, j]), and note to use the [] for multiple complex numbers to plot correctly). Use the new Matlab functions to verify the answers on p. 35 in the book. Now do C.2.2.1, p. 429, using Matlab to help with the answers. Turn in C.2.2.1, problem 4. (Skip C.2.2.2. for now). Do C.2.3.1 exercise, turning in plot in 2.
  4. Do Book Prob. 2.16 a and 2.17 a on p. 45, with the help of your Matlab functions, and turn them in.
  5. [10 pts] Do problems on p. 78-79, 3.2 a, b & c, 3.3 a & b, and 3.5 b & c.

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