S522, Kewley-Port
Spring, 2008

Assignment #3

Complex Waves; Labs 3 & 4

Specific Assignments from Chap 3, Week 3, due Mon. 1/28.


  1. [10 pts] Do C.2.3.2 Lab on addition of sinusoids, p. 431. Use Matlab, especially as 'scripts' wherever you can for plots & calculations.
  2. [15 pts]
    (a) Do a small part of Lab 3 as follows. p. 434-435, C.3.2.1 D-to-A and C.3.2.2 sampling, turning in a plot of question 2, and answering questions in 2 & 3. [We are skipping over the music parts, but some of you may wish to try Music Gui. Check the bottom of the CD Lab 3 instructions for an introduction to Music Gui.]
    (b) Do some of Lab 4, p. 443-446. In C.4.2.1, do NOT sketch the resulting chirp, but hand in it's spectrogram using sppa.m or specdkp.m on Oncourse Resources. Try to write mychirp.m, and hand in your code noting whether it works or not. If it does, turn in the spectrogram for C.4.3.1 question 2. (We are not doing C4.3.2, Beat notes, or the rest of Lab 4, although some may be interested.)

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