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Last Updated: April 14, 2008

Text is: McClellan, Schafer and Yoder (1998). DSP First: A Multimedia Approach (with CD) (Prentice Hall: NJ). Supplementary Material from: Ingle and Proakis (1997). Digital Signal Processsing Using Matlab V.4. (PWS Publishing:Boston)

Week 1: Chap. 1, Chap 2 -> p. 26. App. A, 378-385. App. B, 399-406.  Note that Lab #1 is found in App. C, 415-425 and on the CD.  Here are two helpful links: 1) Basics of Digital Signal Processing and 2) Matlab Function Reference

Week 2: Mon. Chap 2, rest. App. A, 385-394.Worried about the trig - check web pages on my Speech Web Sites. Wed. Start Chap. 3 to about p. 63 & Lab in C164 for spectrograms. Check Spectrogram sites on my Speech Web Sites. Demo on Fourier components. Cool Java Fourier demo. JHU Fourier Demos, especially the Interactive harmonic Phasor demo.

Week 3: Monday: MLK, no class. Wed. Rest Chap 3 (skip 3.5)

Week 4: Mon: Chap. 4 (skip 4.3).Wed: Chap. 5 - p. 129. Make sure when you do the reading that you view the CD demonstrations for Chap.4 - they are very good demos. Want help with series and summation? See 'SERIES' on this SOS Math page.

Week 5: Mon: p. 129-144. Wed: Rest Chap. 5.Good online intro to MatLab Course.

Week 6: Mon: Chap. 6, p. 157-166. Wed: Chap. 6, p 166-174. Try CD homework problem 6.14 and make sure you understand the answer.

Week 7: Mon: Rest Chap. 6, except do sections 6.7.3 or 6.8.2 on your own. Wed: Chap. 7, p 202-220.

Week 8: Mon. Chap. 7, p 220-236. Do 7.8 - 7.10 on your own. We will use pezdemo.m in class Wed. Download from Oncourse, m-code Cool MatLab Demo site (with Pole-zer0) .
Feb. 27, We will meet in in Ballentine 107 STC cluster. Readings are: #1Ingle & #2polezero on Oncourse->Resources->readings.

Week 9: Mon: Chap 8 -> p.267. Before next Wed. class, on the CDRom, do Examples 8.3 & 8.5 and Exercise 8.3 Look at the first Demo movie with one pole. Wed: Chap. 8 ->p 293. Before Monday class after spring break, on the CDRom, do Exercises 8.7 & 8.10. do IIR Filtering Demo and Z to Freq. Demo.

Week 10: Mon: Chap. 8, Readings # 2 & #3 on Oncourse.
Wed March 19 : We will meet in in Ballentine 107 STC cluster for some hands-on lab time. Reading #4 on Oncourse.

Week 11: Guest Lecturer 2008, Michael Brady. Mon: Klatt Synthesizer. Reading (available through IU libraries or when on IU network, is: "Klatt, D.H. (1980). Software for cascade/parallel formant synthesizer. J. Acoust. Soc. Am., 67, 971-995". Click here for the code for the Fortan subroutines for PARCOE.FOR and COEWAV.FOR. Check out this cool speech synthesis article in Scientific American. Wed: Rest Klatt. Good Speech Analysis site for MatLab.

Week 12: Mon: Mostly we skip Chap. 9 in book. DFT in Reading #5 & #6. Lecture will include dfs.m, idfs.m and other code found in Oncourse->Resources->m-code-dkp-> Wed: Topics include FFT and Spectrograms. Reading # 7 and Chap. 9, 355-376. For Class, bring print out of specdkp.m and spectgr.m. Cool Psychophyscis MatLab Toolbox.

Week 13: Mon. April 7 : We will meet in in Ballentine 107 STC cluster to use COLEA at the end of class. LPC readings #8 & #9. Web Site for Colea. Download and unzip Colea somewhere for lab.

Wed: We'll begin with overview of spectrograms from Week 12 (bring printouts) Start lectures on cochlear implants. For a nice lecture on the anatomy of the ear by Jae Hee Lee, check this power point file: jaeheeearanatomy.ppt. Print and read Dorman and Wilson, 2004, Design and Function of Cochlear Implants, Am. Scientist, 2004, vol. 92, no5, pp. 436-445 (through IU liabrary) . Also start Loizou reading: Web site for Loizou's To Cochlear Implants Lab and paper. Click here to get .pdf file for Loizou's figures.

Week 14: Mon: Print your own copy of: Baskent & Shannon (2003) "Speech recognition under conditions of frequency-place compression and expansion", JASA 113, 2064-2076 from

Wed: April 7 : We will meet in in Ballentine 107 STC cluster for hands-on demos. First is for cochlear implants: from Oncourse->Resources->ASSFIN, get Melcoch.m & dilmbin.mat. Then we will start Straight. First read, Click here for tutorial reading 2006, Hideki Kawahara, STRAIGHT, Exploration of the other aspect of VOCODER: Perceptually isomorphic decomposition of speech sounds, Acoustic Science and Technology, Vol.27, No.6, (2006). Note we are saving morphing for next week. There is a Straight demo for today. First, download STRAIGHT(V40_006 (you must be on or IUVPN) and unzip it. Also, download the 4 files in Oncourse->Resources->straight-demo, making straightpath.m work for your environment.

Week 15: Mon: Primary lecture on Straight. Click here for main1999 reading, Kawahara, H. (1999). "Restructuring speech representations using a pitch-adaptive time-frequency smoothing ..", Speech Communication 27, 187-207.

Wed. April 23 : We will meet in in Ballentine 107 STC cluster for hands-on demos. For Straight demos, Click here for a manual. You need tellsam.wav downloaded from Oncourse-Resource->spec. Next we will discuss and demonstrate morphing in class. You should print and read Hisami Matsui, Hideki Kawahara: Investigation of Emotionally Morphed Speech Perception and its Structure Using a High Quality Speech Manipulation System, Prod. Eurospeech'03, pp.2113-2116 2003. on the Straight website. Download and unzip the morphing code and documentation from the STRAIGHT website. Also, download and unzip the file morphing zip in Oncourse->Resources->ASSFIN.


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