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S522: Digital Signal Processing 
Spring, 2008

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Last Updated: Jan. 28, 2008

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Special announcement: Due dates for Assignments changed so that Monday is highly recommended, but the final due date is the next Wednesday class.

Instructor: Diane Kewley-Port, email
AI: Mike Brady, email

Office Hours: DKP, Wed. 1-2; Thurs., 1-2; Lab help in C164 available during office hours
                           Brady: Monday, 10:00-11:00 in C123 (or C164); Friday in Eigenman (email ahead)

Credit Hours:  3.0

Lecture: Monday, Wednesday 8:00-9:15am in SY103; Optional lab, TBA on Thursdays, C164

There will laboratories and programming in Matlab. Labs will be held the SPHS computer cluster, C164.
Course Description
Digital signal processing is a branch of applied mathematics that permits the manipulation of digital audio and video signals such as those found in multi-media applications. This course will emphasize digital audio, as it applies to speech processing. The course is oriented towards persons without engineering backgrounds who are interested in learning the underlying mathematics of digital signal processing. Applications will include speech analysis and synthesis, and signal processors for cochlear implants. Course is project oriented, including programs, labs and a final project. Course is cross-listed in Cognitive Sciences and SPHS.

Course topics

  1. Complex numbers, discrete systems and Fourier Transforms and Z-transforms.
  2. Digital filter structures, recursive and non- recursive filter design.
  3. The DSP of speech will include LPC, Cepstrum, speech synthesis, and auditory filtering.
  4. Laboratories using Matlab will be required.

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