General Information
Advanced Seminar in Vowel Perception
Fall 2005
S674: Section 26663 Credit Hours: 2 or 3

Instructor: D. Kewley-Port     email:

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Discussion Questions Posted on Oncourse CL

Information about Course: This doctoral seminar will enable discussion of papers on theories and models of vowel perception by normal and impaired listeners. The purpose is to provide some background on vowel perception and then to discuss recent literature in the field. A potential set of readings appropriate for the course is posted on the course website:

Assignments: There are two levels of course credit, 3 or 2 (student's option). Requirements are listed for 3 credits, with changes for 2 credits in parentheses and bolded.

Students will be a discussion leader for three (two) classes. The leader will pick 3 required papers (2 if papers are long) for class discussion one week before class. These will be emailed to DKP will post them on the class website. These papers will generally be available on-line through the IU libraries, or otherwise copies will be found in the Speech and Hearing academic office, C101. Papers as additional resources related to the topic should also be proposed. By Monday morning before 9:00 am, a study guide of about 3 questions per reading, plus general questions, shall be posed on the Discussion section of Oncourse CL. The leader will facilitate the discussion of the questions, but is expected to lead 1/3 of the time compared to 2/3 for class discussion. Leaders should also provide an oral summary of each article for about 5-10 minutes. Computer projection and computer connected to the internet are available in C108 and leaders may use powerpoint or other electronic presentations..

The primary course requirement is to write one paper related to one rsearch category, but covering the literature in more depth. The paper should discuss a few questions from the posted research questions from both the required and recommended papers. There should be a final summary statement that provides your interpretation of the current status (results reviewed) of your research topic. This paper should be 10-15 (8-12) pages and is due Tuesday, December 13, 2003.

Grading: Each of the three (two) sessions as discussion leader will be graded and weighted as 48% of the total grede. The written paper will be graded weighted 52%. The final grade will be a combination of these 4 (3) grades.

Cheating Policy: Students shall turn in materials that are the result of their independent work. Copying of other students' files, or partial files, will be considered cheating. Students who have cheated will be given an F in the course and a letter will be placed in the student's file by the Dean of Students. Academic Misconduct policies in this class are in agreement with those of the university found at:

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