Indiana University
Speech and Hearing Sciences

S674: Advanced Seminar:
Vowel Perception in Normal
and Impaired Listeners
Fall 2005

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Last Updated: Nov. 2, 2005


1) Students should email DKP with the topic for their final paper for approval by Wed., 11/7.

2) For great vowel shift descriptions from Susie Levi, see:!oe/texts/lect/emelect/gvs3a_02.htm

3) d' tutorial (from Becca) is at:

Instructor: Diane Kewley-Port      email

Class Majordomo email: TBA

Credit Hours:  3.0 Section: 26663

Seminar: Wednesday from 9:00-10:40 am in SPHS C108
Course Description: This seminar will be held to discuss papers on theories and models of vowel perception by normal and impaired listeners. The purpose is to discuss recent literature in the field.

Possible Course topics

  1. Vowel acoustic cues, formants and global spectral shape
  2. Vowel discrimination, including perceptual magnet theory and development
  3. Vowel perception and production by Hearing Impaired persons
  4. Dynamic theories of vowel perception
  5. Cross-language vowel identification
  6. Vowel perception by people with cochlear implants
  7. Excitation pattern models and auditory processing (May, Sachs, Young) of vowels

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