Discussion Questions for Professional Associations
Ethics (ASHA, ASA)
DKP   4/14/09

A. In 2007 ASHA published their Guidelines for RCR.
1. Under Purpose, this document is to help foster research integrity or responsible conduct of research. Do you think this document does that? Is it too broad to be useful?
2. Under Authors, 1.c.Compliance. Is this policy reasonable if US & international authors are treated so differently?
3. Lunch. What are we having when we’re cooking, fudging, slicing and dicing?
4. Under Editors, 8.e. Reminder. Does it appear that IU’s reporting misconduct policies are at odds with the “Federal regulations” mentioned here?
5. Under Editors, 9.c. about whistleblowers. How do you view ASHA’s strong moral stand on reporting scientific misconduct, but not helping the whistleblower?

B. The Acoustical Society of America published their Ethical Principles in the Fall, 2004.
6. Consider the section, “Use of human subjects...” “Authors conducting intervention…”. Does this present some problems for treatment research at IU?
7. Informed consent is at the heart of protection of human subjects. Is the section “Dispensing with Informed Consent” adequate to deal with research outside the US?

C. Comparison ASHA & ASA ethical statements.
8. Are there essential ethical issues raised by one that are missed in the other?
9. Describe some positive and some negative aspect in which they differ.