S685, Spring, 2009
MW 11:15-12:30 C054
Dr. Kewley-Port
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Readings & Assignments


Jan. 12

Course Overview
Sample grant proposal

NRSA Training Grants.


Jan. 19

Ethics Case Study

Moral Problems Scientific Research


Jan. 20

Research Philosophy

Creswell Chap. 1-2


Feb. 2

Writing and Reviewing

Article review due Feb. 9 .


Feb. 9

Research Design

Working title NRSA due Feb.11.


Feb. 16

Research Design

Narrow Research Topics


Feb. 23

Funding Resources

Specific Aims due Mar. 4


Mar. 2

Grad Grants Presentation


Mar. 9

Grant Funding

Critiques of Specific Aims due Mar. 11.

    Mar. 16
cherry blossom


Mar. 23

Grant funding, Protection of Human Subjects

Two other funding sources due Mar 30.


Mar. 30

Research Ethics, Collaboration

Trip to Poynter Center
Pass IU Human Subjects Test by April 6



Scientific Misconduct



Apr. 13

ASA & ASHA Ethics

**   NRSA Proposal Due April 22



Misconduct, Plagiarism



Apr. 27

Animal Welfare

Ethics Essay due May 6

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Texts are: Creswell, J.W. (2009) Research Design: Qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods approaches. (Sage publications: Thousand Oaks).Penslar, R.L. (1995) Research Ethics; Cases & Materials, (Indiana University Press, Bloomington). Trochim, William M. The Research Methods Knowledge Base, 2nd Edition. Internet WWW page, at URL: <http://www.socialresearchmethods.net/kb/> (version current as of October 20, 2006 )

Research Links for S685: http://www.indiana.edu/~acoustic/ressites.html

NOTE: Assignments are always for the following class.

Week 1: Jan. 12

Class Assignments
Mon. What is an Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Services Award, NRSA? Read the NRSA materials in this order: (a) Read Guidelines for F32 handed out. Check NIH Review Guidelines, especially Overview, and under Guidelines for reviewing, "Guidelines for Reviewing, "Scoring" and Guidelines for reviewing and F31 NRSA predoctoral fellowship for NIHDCD (not Minority); (b) Read Nishi's F32 application and Summary Statement: (1) Tamati, Candidate in Critiques 1 & 2 (2) Barrios-Beltran, Training in Critique 1; (3) Chen, Training in Critique 2 (4) Chiu, Research in Critique 1; (5) Baar, Research in Critique 2 ; (6) Souto, Sponsor and Responsible conduct of Research Critiques 1-2 (7) Lorenzen, Human subjects in Critiques 1-2 and all end statements on human subjects (8) Nagle, Resume and Summary of Discussion.

Wed. Class discussion NRSA.

For discussion Wed.. 1/21: (1) Click for files related to the Wendell Johnson study . Resource, Goldfarb book. (2) Access the .pdf file for Moral Reasoning in Scientific Research from the website. Read "Developing a Well-Reasoned Response to a Moral Problem in Scientific Research (7 pages). (3) Click for assignments for discussing articles.








Week 2: Jan. 19

Class Assignments
Mon.   MLK. Class cancelled. Click here for suggested time table to finish F31 grant.

Wed. Discussion of Ethics case in Fluency

Creswell Chap. 1 & 2 (DKP). Explore Research Methods Data Base (Trochim) and then read the first two sections in Foundations, Language and Philosophy. (3) Register for Community of Scientists & create profile.





Note: For discussions of reading materials, leaders must post 2-3 discussion questions on the Discussion Forum on Oncourse by Friday midnight before Monday's class and Sunday midnight before the Wednesday's class. up arrow

Week 3: Jan. 26

Class Assignments
Mon. Class Creswell 1-2 For Wed., 1/28: Read Trochim's section on 'Write-up' (skipping the sample paper) and the Preparing a Scientific paper for Publication section of the AIP Style Manual OnLine. Identify two published articles, one you consider an example of an excellent article, and one you consider an example of a poor article by 2/2.

Wed. Manuscript Writing .

Click here for ASA Reviewer Guidlines. and here for ASA Detailed on Reviews. The ASHA reviwer Instructions for online submission. Here are proofreader symbols and marks. Look for sample reviews as ASHAletter.pdf in Oncourse->Resources.






Week 4: Feb. 2

Class Assignments
Mon. Manuscript Reviewing. Review one article from the ones you selected as 'good' and 'poor' following guidelines for reviewers in the class handouts. Length should be about two pages, single spaced. Due Feb. 9.
Creswell: Nagle, Chap 3; Barrios-Beltran, Chap. 4; DKP, Chap. 5.

Wed. Class Creswell Chap. 3, 4, 5.

Creswell: Tamati, Chap.6 ; Souto, Chap. 7 and DiLollo, ASHA Leader on Qualitative Research ; Chen, 8;
Working Title of NRSA proposal due Feb. 11.






Week 5: Feb. 9

Class Assignments
Mon. Class Creswell Chapters 6-8 Creswell: Baar, Chap. 9; Chiu, Leija V. McReynolds and Cynthia K. Thompson Flexibility of Single-Subject Experimental Designs. Part I: Review of the Basics of Single-Subject Designs J Speech Hear Disord, Aug 1986; 51: 194 - 203.

Wed. Class Creswell Chapter 9 and Single Subj. Design

DKP, Specific Aims readings from aims.pdf and examaims.pdf posted on Oncourse->Resources.






Week 6: Feb. 16

Class Assignments
Mon. DKP, specific aims. Finish single subject design, Chiu & Lorenzen, Flexibility of Single-Subject Experimental Designs. Part II: Design Selection and Arrangement of Experimental Phases J Speech Hear Disord, Aug 1986; 51: 204 - 214. Creswell: Barrios-Beltran, Chapt. 10;

Wed. Class Creswell Chapter 10 and Single Subj. Design

F31, Table contents Check List; NOTE: Specific Aims due March 4!
Read online Proposal Writing:http://fdncenter.org/learn/shortcourse/prop1.html






Week 7: Feb. 23

Class Assignments
Mon. Grant Writing I Click for Special R&R: Il Destino Opera      pipette

Wed. Grant Writing II & opera

Read about NIH funding mechanisms. Check online grant writing help such as: http://www.niddk.nih.gov/fund/grants_process/grantwriting.htm and Seven Steps






Week 8: Mar. 2

Class Assignments
Mon. Grant Writing III, NIH  Check resources such as grant writing workshops: Miner & Associates and Grant Writer's Seminars; NOTE: Specific Aims due March 4!

Wed. Grad Grants lecture, Kevin Meskill

Each student will critique two other students specific aims as shown on Oncourse->Specific Aims. Post as response to Forum titles on Oncourse by March 11.  





Week 9: Mar. 9

Class Assignments
Mon. Funding Resource Lectures 2009

Wed. Funding Resource Lectures 2009

Find 2 other funding agencies for your proposal. Put them with brief description on Oncourse->Forums under your title by March 30.






Week 10: March 23

Class Assignments
Mon. Funding Resource Lectures 2009

 Read "The Least you need to know..." by Dr. Pimple. Also read the Belmont Report Also read two articles from Research Involving Human Subjects from MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY Research Integrity Newsletter, Spring 2000 that are available on Oncourse->Resources. See Forum on Ethics for discussion questions for Wednesday, 3/25..

Wed. Protection of human subjects, including 45CFR46 and IRBs. DKP

For Assignments 2009 for Research Ethics, Click Here.
Penslar, Chap. 1, 4 and 6. Read Scientist's Behaving Badly
To prepare to discuss case studies, read the .pdf file for Moral Reasoning in Scientific Research from the website. Read "Developing a Well-Reasoned Response to a Moral Problem in Scientific Research (7 pages).

Become acquainted with the IUB Education Requirements for use of human subjects. If you have not already passed the cirtification test for protection of human subjects, you must take the tutoral and and pass a test by April 6 to meet the requirement.














Note: General resource for ethics part of course is: Nat. Acad. Sci., "On Being a Scientist". up arrow

Week 11: March 30

Class Assignments
Mon. Intro. Res. Ethics, DKP. Chap. 4, leader Chiu, Chap. 6, leader Lorenzen.

Video on new NIH scoring for propsals from Dr. Gierut, click here.
Readings on Collaboration & Authorship from Dr. Pimple on Oncourse->Resources.

Wed. Travel to Poynter Center for the study of Ethics to hear lecture from Dr. Pimple on Collaboration & Authorship

Penslar, Chap. 11 and Chap. 12.









Week 12: Apr. 6  

Class Assignments
Mon. Chap. 11, leader Chen;
Chap. 12, leader Chiu.

Penslar, Chap. 2. Discussion Questions from DKP on Oncourse->Forums. Read Tudor Study by Yairi on Oncourse->Resources.

Wed. Chap. 2, Ethical Theory, DKP. Ethical issues raised by Tudor study, leader Barrios-Beltran.

Hwang papers, Science. Data fabrication news, and scan some details at: http://www.ori.dhhs.gov/misconduct/cases/poehlman.shtml. .Physics Today Article #1. Also read: IU Bloomington's Procedures for Research Misconduct. top definitions and Sections 1-4. Scan rest.






Week 13: Apr. 13 up arrow

Class Assignments
Mon. Recent data fabrication, leader Nagle. IU misconduct, DKP.

On Being a Scientist, Conflict of Interest. IU Conflict of Interest policy. Read ASHA Guidlines on RCR and draft of ASHA Misconduct Reporting. Also read Ethical Principles of ASA and Physics Today Article #2 Click here for DKP discussion questions.

Wed. Conflict of Interest, leader Souto. Ethics in ASA and ASHA. DKP.

Plagiarism from ORI and OSU. Reckoning with Plagerism in Teaching & Learning, IU Fall 2008. Mentoring (1) Berk et al. (2) Johnson, "Intentional Mentor"






Week 14: Apr. 20

Class Assignments
Mon. Plagerism, leaders Tamati & Barrios-Beltran. Mentoring, DKP. Penslar, Chap. 7 and 15.
NOTE: F31 proposal due April 22!
Wed. Chap. 7, leader Lorenzen.
Chap. 15, leader Souto.

Penslar, Chapter 14. Collaboration & Authorship.Will discuss "Readings Authorship" on Oncourse->Resources (from Dr. Pimple). Be pepared to discuss case studies in Fine & Kurdek.





Week 15: April 27

Class Assignments
Mon. Chap. 14, leader Tamati, Collaboration & Authorship, DKP.

Penslar, Chapter 9. The required reading the group of three is the third by Mukerjee, Click here for Scientific American Articles, Copyright 1997. As a resource, look at IU Guidelines, Section I, http://www.research.iu.edu/rschcomp/guide.html and the PHS Use of Animals Policy Manual .

Wed. Chap 9, leader Chen. Animal Welfare leader Baar.

  Research Ethics Essay, Click Here. May 6th, Ethics essay due in DKP mailbox by 12:00 noon.







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