Homework #3

S702 D. Kewley-Port & W. Su 1/30/02

The Track Draw Matlab functions written by Prof. Peter Assmann are useful for learning about synthesis. Follow the steps to do Homework #3.

1) Make sure all Homework #3 files are downloaded from on course to your cfs account as follows.
    Make a new directory for trackdraw files.
    Download: On course > Group Space >Class files > Code > trac02.zip >double click on trac02.zip file > when the little window pops up, choose "open it" and
    click "ok" > the winzip window will then pop up > on the top of the little wondow, click "Extract" and then save all the files under the new trackdraw files under
    your cfs account.
2) Launch Matlab
    When you set up the current directory, remember to set under your new directory for trackdraw and add the new path.

3) In Matlab command window, type:
>> load wheel.mat
>> y=wheel;
>> specsynt  (This file contains a recording of the word "wheel" spoken by an adult male).

    (Remember to type "clear" in the command window everytime you start a new session. "clear" will remove all workspace variables)

4) You should see a spectrogram of 'wheel' with the formant tracks over it. Use the drawline feature to match the formant tracks. Play the original file. Check AV and F0 to see if you want to alter them. Synthesize your tracks. Compare the original and synthesized waves.

5) You can store your current work in your cfs by typing:
>> save mywork.mat 

    any time during your session. (You can choose your file name.) Retrieve the work by typing:
>>load mywork.mat

6) To save the wave form from the sythesis, type
>>wavwrite (y/32767,rate,'filename.wav')

7)When you are reasonably satisfied with your synthesis, print out your spectrogram/formant track figure to turn in. You will load your synthesis wave file in our new
   Wheel folder in On course,> Cass Files > Wheel . Your 3 initials will be used as your file name.  This is a contest! We will listen to all the sythesis that you synthesize will vote on the "BEST SYNTHESIS OF THE WEEK"! after they're turned in.