Homework #7 STRAIGHT
S702 D. Kewley-Port & W Su 04/02/02

Getting Straight:
Create a new folder in your zip disk or your cfs account. Unzip and download the files from on course
(class files->code->straight899.zip) into your new folder. The procedures are the same as we have done in the previous homeworks and labs.

Notes on Using Straight:

1) Straight seems to work best if all .wav files are in the same directory as the .m files.

2)Open Matlab and set your directory to your straight folder

3)Type straight and the gui appears.

4) Two .wav files are available to try. 'boatm.wav' is "boat" produced by a male talker - it's nice and short. 'alli.wav' is "alligator" produced by a male talker, and is longer by more interesting. You can pull out the these files directly from your straight gui window.

5) You can print out the manual from uncourse, under class files -> code ->guistart.pdf or find it on ~acoustic -> software instructions.

6) In general, follow the GUI: STRAIGHT Getting Started manual to become familiar with the interface and the algorithms. However, it seems that some methods of processing shown in Fig. 2 don't work, so make sure to try (a) which worked for me.

7) Before starting on a new utterance, make sure you close the Gui, and start over.

8) Do not try and save your workspace as a .mat file - it will be over 12 MB and will not reload. However, you can save your synthesized waveform from the gui window. There is a box in the bottom of the window "save to file", type the file_name.wav


Using 'alli.wav', use the synthesis options to change the utterance into one that could plausibly be made by a mid-high pitched female speaking slowly. Write down your parameters. Save your synthesized waveform. Make a spectrogram (Straight or another spectrogram program). To turn in as your homework. Write down the values of the three parameters you used for the female voice. As for the synthesized voice, THIS IS ANOTHER CONTEST! You will save your wave file and upload the file into the "straight folder" in Oncourse, under class file.