Research Paper for S702
35% Course grade

D. Kewley-Port 3/6/02

This research paper provides an opportunity to apply knowledge you have gained about acoustics to your own area of interest. It would be desirable to expand on topics and/or techniques that are a part of the course syllabus. Also recommended is that the topic relate to research projects that you are involved in. However, there is intentionally considerable flexibility about the topic of the paper. Your topic needs to be approved in advance by submitting an abstract of one or two paragraphs by Thursday, March 28 in class. There are two formats for the paper as described below.

1) The experimental research paper requires that you conduct research using acoustics. Incorporating it to an existing project is recommended. The idea would be to apply techniques and knowledge learned in the course to some analysis or synthesis project. In this format, the paper would consist of a 10-15 page paper plus figures etc. You should write this in the formant of a small research article.

2)A library research paper will be acceptable as the second format. For example, if your research area is auditory physiology, there might not be a related research question. But reading about research on some aspects of acoustic processing or speech perception using cochlear implants or digital hearing aids might interest you. The paper should have focus and cover at least five research articles. The discussion of this paper should include proposals for interesting and potentially important new research that on your topic. The format of a research summary paper should be about 25 pages in length.

The paper is due Wednesday, May 1 at noon in DKP's mailbox.