Acoustic Software and Instructions

[Note: First links shown in bold takes you to instructions for my classes if available. ]

Acoustic Analysis and Synthesis

  • Adobe as Audition 1.5 is an upgrade of Cool Edit that manipulates computer sound files. Located on STC NT computers under SPHS sponsored.
  • Matlab for DKP Courses. Handy online reference for Matlab is the Matlab Function Reference. General purpose mathematic software that is strong in signal processing. Located on STC computers under Math & Stat. A good tutorial is found at:
  • Manual for KLSYN synthesizer from Prof. Keith Johnson .
  • Straight Getting Started 1998 instructions in .pdf format.
  • Courseware
  • Speech Production & Perception CDrom. Interactive lessons by Sensimetrics on spectrograms, acoustic cues and speech perception. Located on STC NT computers under SPHS sponsored.
  • ONCOURSE is available for the IU developed software that allows students access to online course information.
  • SIL 93IPA fonts for JASA


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    Last Updated: Sept. 14, 2005