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Anthropological Center for Training and Research on Global Environmental Change

A Research Center of the Office of the Vice Provost for Research at Indiana University Bloomington
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Thumbnail of Diogenes Alves
Diogenes Alves
Senior Researcher, Earth Observations Branch, National Institute for Space Research (INPE)
Av. dos Astronautas, 1758
CEP 12227-010, São José dos Campos SP,
Phone: +55 (12) 3208-6492
dalves[at]dpi [dot] inpe
Research Interests: Land use dynamics; environmental change; human dimensions of environmental change; science and technology studies in connection to environment and development; geomatics; image processing.
Thumbnail of Mateus Batistella
Mateus Batistella
Director, EMBRAPA Satellite Monitoring, Campinas, SP, Brazil
Embrapa Monitoramento por Satélite
Av. Dr. Júlio Soares de Arruda, 803
Parque São Quirino CEP 13088-300 
Campinas, SP
Phone: +55 (19) 3256-6030
mateus.batistella[at]embrapa [dot] br

Research Interests: Landscape ecology, remote sensing, GIS, land-use planning and monitoring.

Thumbnail of Sandra Costa
Sandra Costa
Assistant Professor, Universidade do Vale do Paraiba(UNIVAP) in São José dos Campos, SP, Brazil
smcosta[at]indiana [dot] edu

Research Interests: urban growth and environmental degradation, urban land-use analysis, intra-urban modifications, Government urban policies, Social changes of cities.

Thumbnail of Alvaro D'Antona
Alvaro D'Antona
Assistant Professor, University of Campinas, Brazil
adantona[at]indiana [dot] edu

Research Interests: Development, population and environment; people and parks; land use; common-pool resources; Amazonia.

Thumbnail of Fabio de Castro
Fabio de Castro
Assistant Professor, CEDLA, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Centrum Studie en Documentatie van Latijns Amerika (CEDLA), Keizersgracht 395-97
1016 EK Amsterdam
Phone: +31 20 525 3246
F.deCastro[at]cedla [dot] nl

Research Interests: Theory of common-pool resources, human ecology, political ecology, community-based management, conservation of natural resources, Amazonian studies, fisheries, and forestry.

Thumbnail of Forrest Fleischman
Forrest Fleischman
Assistant Professor
Department of Ecosystem Science & Management
2138 TAMU
College Station, TX 77843 USA
Phone: 812-214-5686 
forrest.fleischman[at]stanfordalumni [dot] org

Research Interests:
Thumbnail of Celia Futemma
Celia Futemma
Associate Professor, Univ of Campinas, Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Rua dos Flamboyants, 155
Cidade Universitaria Zeferino Vaz
Campinas, Sao Paulo
CEP 13083-867
Phone: 55-19-3521-7690
cfutemma[at]unicamp [dot] br

Research Interests: Human Ecology, Institutional Analysis, People and Parks, Land-Use and Land-Cover Change, Small Farmers, Rural Development, Amazonia, Atlantic Forest

Thumbnail of Gilvan Ramalho Guedes
Gilvan Ramalho Guedes
Associate Professor of Demography, Cedeplar & Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais
Office 3093 – 3rd Floor – College of Economics
Departamento de Demografia / FACE / UFMG
Av. Antônio Carlos, 6627 – Pampulha – 31270-901
Belo Horizonte – Minas Gerais - Brasil
Phone:   +55 (31) 3409-7165      

Research interests: Household demography, land use/cover change, Amazon, migration, poverty, inequality, quantitative methods

Thumbnail of Maria Claudia Lopez
Maria Claudia Lopez
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Rural and Regional Development, School of Environmental and Rural Studies Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Bogota, Colombia
Phone: +43(0)5125077160 
mclopezperez[at]gmail [dot] com

Research Interests: experimental and behavioral economics, institutional analysis, environmental economics and resource economics (externalities, public goods, common pool resources), management of environmental resources.

Thumbnail of Dengsheng Lu
Dengsheng Lu
Center for Global Change and Earth Observations
Michigan State University
218 Manly Miles Building
1405 S. Harrison Road
East Lansing, MI 48823
dlu[at]indiana [dot] edu
Research Interests: Remote sensing, GIS, and spatial modeling, biomass/carbon estimation, land use/cover change, forest inventory and monitoring, Human-environment interactions, urban heat island and urban impervious surface extraction.
Thumbnail of Angelica Toniolo
M. Angelica Toniolo
Visiting Professor at Universidade do Vale do Paraíba (UNIVAP), São José dos Campos, SP, Brazil
tonioloma[at]gmail [dot] com

Research Interests: Institutional analysis, multilevel governance of common-pool resources, smallholder agriculture, PES/REDD+, human dimensions of global environmental change, and the effects of rural-urban interactions changes on livelihoods and the environment.

Thumbnail of Leah VanWey
Leah VanWey
Associate Professor of Sociology, Brown University
411 Maxcy Hall
Brown University
Providence RI 02912
Phone: (401) 863-1000
Leah_Vanwey[at]brown [dot] edu

Research Interests: Migration and remittances, household demography, household survival strategies and land use, and comparative research design.

Thumbnail of Nathan Vogt
Nathan Vogt
Associate Researcher, NAEA and IPAM, Belem, PA, Brazil
Research interests: include land-use/cover change, human ecology, forest ecology and management, collective action, governance of common-pool resources, and exploring ways to better integrate social and ecological methodologies.