Rinku Roy Chowdhury

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ACT Faculty Associate, Assistant Professor, Department of Geography
Student Building 102
701 E. Kirkwood Ave.
Bloomington, Indiana 47405
(812) 855-5821
rroychow[at]indiana [dot] edu
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Research Interests: Land Change Science; Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change; GIS and Remote Sensing; Cultural and Political Ecology; Landscape and Conservation Ecology; Urban social-ecological systems

Representative Publications

  • Roy Chowdhury, R. and E.F. Moran. 2012. Turning the Curve: A theoretical, methodological and empirical review of Kuznets Approaches. Journal of Applied Geography 32:3-11.
  • Roy Chowdhury, R, K. Larson, J.M. Grove, C. Polsky, E. Cook J. Onsted and L. Ogden. 2011. A Multi-Scalar Approach to Theorizing Socio-Ecological Dynamics of Urban Residential Landscapes. Cities and the Environment (CATE) 4(1).
  • Hernandez, M., R. Roy Chowdhury, L. Fleming and D. Griffith. 2011. Colorectal Cancer and Socioeconomic Status in Miami-Dade County: Neighborhood-level associations before and after the Welfare Reform Act. Journal of Applied Geography 31(3):1019-1025.
  • Roy Chowdhury, R. 2010. Differentiation and concordance in smallholder land use strategies in southern Mexico's conservation frontier. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science of the USA 107:5780–5785.
  • C. Radel, B. Schmook and R. Roy Chowdhury. 2010. Agricultural Livelihood Diversification in the Southern Yucatán Region: Diverging Paths with Implications for Environmental Change. In press, Regional Environmental Change.
  • Impoinvil, D.E., J. Keating, C.M. Mbogo, M.D. Potts, R. Roy Chowdhury and J.C. Beier. 2008. Abundance of immature Anopheles and culicines (Diptera: Culicidae) in different water body types in the urban environment of Malindi, Kenya. Journal of Vector Ecology 33(1): 107-116.
  • Roy Chowdhury, R. 2007. Household land management and biodiversity: Secondary succession in a forest-agriculture mosaic in southern Mexico. Ecology and Society 12(2): 31. [online]
  • Roy Chowdhury, R. 2006. Driving forces of tropical deforestation: The role of remote sensing and spatial models. Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography 27(1): 82-101.
  • Roy Chowdhury, R. 2006. Landscape change in the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve, Mexico: Modeling the driving forces of smallholder deforestation in land parcels. Applied Geography 26(2): 129-152.
  • Roy Chowdhury, R. and B. L. Turner II. 2006. Reconciling agency and structure in empirical analysis: Smallholder land use in the southern Yucatán, Mexico. Annals of the Association of American Geographers 96(2): 302-322.

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