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Anthropological Center for Training and Research on Global Environmental Change

A Research Center of the Office of the Vice Provost for Research at Indiana University Bloomington

No. 02-01
Evans, T.P. and E. Moran. 2002. Spatial integration of social and biophysical factors related to land cover change. Population and Environment: Methods of Analysis. W. Lutz, A. Prskawetz, and W.C. Sanderson (eds.). Population and development review. 28: 165-186.

No. 02-02
McCracken, S., B. Boucek, and E. Moran. 2002. Deforestation trajectories in a frontier region of the Brazilian Amazon. Linking People, Place, and Policy: A GIScience Approach. S.J. Walsh and K. Crews-Meyer (eds.) Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston. Pp. 215-234.

No. 02-03
Castro, F., M. Silva-Forsberg, W. Wilson, E. Brondizio and E. Moran. 2002. The use of remotely sensed data in rapid rural assessment. Field Methods 14(3): 243-269.

No. 02-04
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No. 02-05
Lu, D., P. Mausel, E. Brondizio and E. Moran. 2002. Change detection of successional and mature forests based on forest stand characteristics using multitemporal TM data in Altamira, Brazil. Proceedings of the ACSM-ASPRS Annual Conference. Washington, D.C.

No. 02-06
Lu, D., P. Mausel, E. Brondizio and E. Moran. 2002. Assessment of atmospheric correction methods for Landsat TM data applicable to Amazon basin LBA research. International Journal of Remote Sensing. (23)13: 2651-2671

No. 02-07
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No. 02-08
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No. 02-09
Lu, D., P. Mausel, E. Brondizio and E. Moran. 2002. Above-ground biomass estimation of successional and mature forests using TM images in the Amazon Basin. Advances in Spatial Data Handling: 10th International Symposium on Spatial Data Handling. D. Richardson and P. van Oosterom (eds.) Pp. 183-196.

No. 02-10
Gurri, F. and E. Moran. 2002. Who is interested in commercial agriculture? Subsistence agriculture and salaried work in the city among Yucatec Maya from the state of Yucatan. Culture and Agriculture 24(1) 41-47.

No. 02-11
Brondizio, E.S., S. McCracken, E. Moran, A. Siqueira, D. Nelson, and C. Rodriguez-Pedraza. 2002. The colonist footprint: toward a conceptual framework of land use and deforestation trajectories among small farmers in the Amazonian frontier. Deforestation and Land Use in the Amazon. C.H. Wood and R. Porro (eds.) University Press of Florida. Gainesville, Florida. Pp. 133-161.

No. 02-12
McCracken, S., A. Siqueira, E. Moran, and E. Brondizio. 2002. Land use patterns on an agricultural frontier in Brazil: Insights and examples from a demographic perspective. In: Deforestation and Land Use in the Amazon. C.H. Wood and R. Porro (eds.) University Press of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Pp. 162-192.

No. 02-13
Moran, E.F., E. Brondizio, and S. McCracken. 2002. Trajectories of Land Use: Soils, Succession, and Crop Choice. Deforestation and Land Use in the Amazon. C.H. Wood and R. Porro (eds.) University Press of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Pp. 193-217.

No. 02-14
Brondizio, E.S. 2002. La dimensión humana de la vegetación secundaria en la Amazonia. Ecología y Conservación de Bosques Neotropicales. M. Guariguata and G. Kattan (eds.).  Libro Universitario Regional, Cartago, Costa Rica. Pp. 598.

No. 02-15
Brondizio, E.F., A.C.M. Safar, and A.D. Siqueira. 2002. The urban market of Acai fruit (Euterpe oleracea Mart.) and rural land use change: ethnographic insights into the role of price and land tenure constraining agricultural choices in the Amazon estuary. Urban Ecosystems. 6: 67-97.

No. 02-16
Moran, E.F., E. Ostrom, and J.C. Randolph. 2002. Ecological systems and multitier human organization. Knowledge Management, Organizational Intelligence and Learning, and Complexity. Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (EOLSS). L. Douglas Kiel (ed.) Oxford, U.K.

No. 02-17
Dolsak, N., E. Brondizio, L. Carlsson, D. Cash, C. Gibson, M. Hoffman, A. Know, R. Meinzen-Dick and E. Ostrom. 2002. Adaptations to challenges. In:The Commons at the Millenium. N. Dolsak and E. Ostrom (eds.) Cambridge University Press, Boston. Pp. 526-555.