1995-1998: Strengthening Capacity for Environmental Analysis and Environmental Protection in Latin America (funded by the Tinker Foundation)

Description: This project has contributed to increasing Latin American capacity in environmental analysis and environmental monitoring using a two-pronged approach: on the one hand, by enhancing access by a group of Mexican and Brazilian scholars and active environmentalists to the latest techniques of environmental monitoring; and on the other, by linking the application of these tools to policy interventions that may enhance environmental protection of species-rich tropical moist forests in the Brazilian Amazon and Southeastern Mexico. By strengthening capacity and reducing dependency on environmentalists from the U.S. and Europe, the environmental future of Latin America is more likely to be preserved by those with the greatest stake in it. During the first two years the project activities included in-house training of a select number of researchers and environmental protection agency personnel, and intensive training sessions in Brazil and Mexico respectively. In the third year an international symposium was conducted, and a volume will be published that will extend the value of the environmental analysis and policy training activities to other countries of Latin America. The volume will be made available in English, Spanish and Portugal.