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Previous Research and Grants

2009– 2012: Advancing Land Use and Land Cover Analysis by Integrating Optical and Polarimetric Radar Platforms (Funded by NSF)

2008– 2013: Amazonian Deforestation and the Structure of Households (Phase III) (funded by NICHD)

2006-2008: Human and Physical Dimensions of Land Use/Cover Change in Amazônia: Phase III - Towards Sustainability (funded by NASA/LBA)

1998-2007: Human And Physical Dimensions Of Land Use/Cover Change In Amazônia Forest Regeneration And Landscape Structure (Phases I and II) (funded by NASA/LBA)

2003-2007: Amazonian Deforestation and the Structure of Households (Phase II) (funded by NICHD)

2000-2003: Human Strategies for Coping with ENSO and the Growing Flammability of Forests in Amazonia (funded by NOAA)

1997-2002: Amazonian Deforestation and the Structure of Households (Phase I) (funded by NICHD)

1995-1998: Strengthening Capacity for Environmental Analysis and Environmental Protection in Latin America (funded by the Tinker Foundation)

1993-1998: Amazonian Deforestation and Carbon Cycling in Oligotrophic Ecosystems: The Role of Heterogeneity, Succession and Patchiness (funded by NSF)

1993-1998: Contrasting Successional Rates and Carbon Cycling in Eutrophic and Oligotropic Ecosystems of Amazonia (funded by NIGEC)