ACT Graduate Assistantships:

There is no formal application process for a graduate assistantship at ACT, but if you are applying for a graduate program at Indiana University, and feel your skills and research interests match ours, then please let us know of your interest in a graduate assistantship.

Send us a letter telling us what program you are applying to, and include your CV and a copy of your application materials. This will give us an opportunity to evaluate your qualifications for an assistantship with ACT for the next application period.

Contact: E-mail (

Or mail your materials to:

Dr. Emilio Moran, Director
ACT, Indiana University
701 East Kirkwood Avenue
Student Building, Room 331
Bloomington, IN 47405

We have had students from a variety of disciplines work with our ACT team, including:

Dissertation Abstracts from former ACT students:

Click on the following student names to open short PDFs of their dissertation abstracts:

Ryan Adams

Mateus Batistella

Eduardo S. Brondizio

Anthony Cak

Fabio de Castro

Stefano Fiorini

Celia Futemma

Francisco Gurri

Thomas Ludewigs

Maria Clara Silva Forsberg

Andrea D. Siqueira

Maria Angelica Toniolo