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Afghanistan and Central Asia Research Information

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Op-Eds and Articles in Newsletters

"Afghanistan Can Learn From Its Past," New York Times (October 14, 2001). URL | PDF

"Afghanistan Fights for Its Soul," Los Angeles Times (May 7, 1986), p. A28. PDF

"An Update on the Kirghiz," Afghanistan Forum, Vol. 15, No. 1 (January 1987). PDF

"Anatolian Shepherd," The American Research Institute in Turkey Newsletter, No. 7, (1988). PDF | PDF (version 2)

"Can Zahir Shah Be a Uniting Force?" The Message International, (May 1990), p. 9. PDF

"New U.S. Peace Proposals for Afghanistan Shows Old Disregard for Afghan People," The Message International, (July 1990), pp. 29-30. PDF

"Russian Puppets In Afghanistan," The Minaret: The Islamic Magazine, 7:5, (November-December 1986), pp. 18-20. PDF

"The Challenge of Post-Taliban Governance," ISIM Newsletter, 12, (June, 2003). PDF

"The Kirghiz, Now of Pakistan," Cultural Survival Newsletter, No. 4 (Fall 1980). PDF

"The Taliban Enigma: Person-Centered Politics & Extremism in Afghanistan" ISIM Newsletter, 6, (University of Leiden, The Netherlands: International Institute for the Study of Islam in the Modern World, 2000). PDF

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M. Nazif Shahrani is a Professor of Anthropology and Central Eurasian Studies at Indiana University-Bloomington.

He can be reached at

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