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Paper for DAWS Workshop on Enhancing Gender Research and Training: Dialogue with Policy-Makers, Politicians and NGOs

Tuesday 21-Friday 24 February 1995.

A letter from Emira Woods, Oxfam America's program coordinator for the Horn of Africa and West Africa talking about the Zenga Dormale Project in North Omo, Ethiopia.

Francophone International Network for the Equality of Women and Men in Development

Bulletin no. 9/April 2009

Summer 1996
Contains "Realism, Hope and Patience : A Formula for Africa." by Melanie Gruer. In French and English.

Vol. 3 No. 2 1999

The North-South Institute carries out research on Canada's relations with developing countries.

Paper presented to the Sub-Regional Workshop on Enhancing Gender Research and Training: Dialogue with Policy Makers, Politicians and NGOs. Accra. 21-24 February 1995. (Organized by the Development and Women's Studies Programme, Institute of African…

Table of Contents:
7. Golgotta Women's Horticulture Group
8. Ablekuma Women's Group
9. Tsokome Women's Fish Smoking and Marketing Group
10. A Grain Trader at Kutus Market
11. A Potato…

For F.A.O Rome, February 1983.

J.A. Dadson is from the University of Ghana Legon, Ghana.

Address to the 27th session of the Organization of African Unity (OAU)--Assembly of Heads of State and Government held in Abuja, Nigeria on June 4, 1991. 9 pages ; 28 cm

Barber B. Conable was the President of The World Bank.

Contains articles "Users Know Best : A Project in the Central African Republic Prompts Joint Solutions to Persistant Local Problems," " Food Security : How to Assure that Famine Won't Recur in Africa," and "Processing Food Oils in Africa : A Question…

"Feminizing Development-For Growth with Equity."
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