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Paper for DAWS Workshop on Enhancing Gender Research and Training: Dialogue with Policy-Makers, Politicians and NGOs

Tuesday 21-Friday 24 February 1995.

A British Council book exhibition for a workshop organized by the British Council in collaboration with the Development and Women's Studies Programme at the Institute of African Studies, Legon.

Tuesday 21-Friday 24 February 1995.

The British…

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How women are building agency in mining communities in Zimbabwe

Meant for children aged 6-12 years.
The booklet covers 16 articles of the convention. The meaning of each article is explained using autobiographical drawings by Ugandan girls.

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Francophone International Network for the Equality of Women and Men in Development

Bulletin no. 9/April 2009

Bulletin No. 9/ avril 2009.

In French.


Prepared for the Office of Women in Development of the U.S. Agency for International Development under contract No. AID/OTR-C-1808. June 1980.

A list of women, alphabetically by last name with title, country and accomplishments.

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A paper presented by Mrs. Sarah Agyeman-Duah, Assistant Director, on behalf of Ms. Patience Adow, the Deputy Minister for Education at the Daws Workshop on Enhancing Gender Research and Training organised at the British Council Hall on Tuesday, 21st…

Paper presented to the Sub-Regional Workshop on Enhancing Gender Research and Training: Dialogue with Policy Makers, Politicians and NGOs. Accra. 21-24 February 1995. (Organized by the Development and Women's Studies Programme, Institute of African…

This paper was presented as "An Anthropological Test of Caldwell's Wealth Flows Theory in Maragoli, Kenya" during a July 4, 1991 Faculty Seminar to the Population Studies and Research Institute of the University of Nairobi.

31 pages, including…

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Women in Livestock Production with Particular Reference to Dairying compiled from papers by N.A. Chavangi and A. Hanssen

Appropriate Technology for Women in Food Production by Delawit A. Aklilu

Appendix 5- Important issues covered by…

Table of Contents:
7. Golgotta Women's Horticulture Group
8. Ablekuma Women's Group
9. Tsokome Women's Fish Smoking and Marketing Group
10. A Grain Trader at Kutus Market
11. A Potato…

At head of title: Expert Consultation on Women in Food Production, Rome, Italy, 7-14 December, 1983.
"October 1983."
17 pages ; 30 cm
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