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How women are building agency in mining communities in Zimbabwe

Pamphlet urging Zimbabweans to spread peace not violence.

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August 17, 2012. Jameson Hotel, Harare.

Media Institute of Southern Africa calls on the government of Zimbabwe to follow through on 8 actions to ensure a liberalized broadcasting environment.

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Report on the 1992 International NGO Forum on World Bank and IMF Adjustment Lending, Washington, D.C., 17-24 September 1992 --
Resource guide to the Citizens' Movement Challenging Structural Adjustment Programs --
Case profiles of adjustment…

Edition 1 September 2015.
The National Peace and Reconciliation Commission on the Spotlight.
National Peace and Reconciliation Commission (NPRC) progress monitoring report


Selected table of contents

1.Introduction and Background
2.Analysis of Credit Schemes Benefiting Women Farmers
3.Credit Schemes in Various Countries

3.1 Kenya
3.1.1 Types of credit available
3.1.2 Government credit schemes
3.1.3 The Kenya…

Research analysis about the media coverage of gender and women's issues in Zimbabwe. Includes methodology, background, comparative analysis of media coverage of gender and women issues during 2012, general recommendations and a bibliography.

Compiled by the National Association of Non Governmental Organizations (NANGO) on behalf of the Zimbabwe National Budget Coalition (ZNBC).

Short book about parliamentary guidelines including the roles, functions and powers of parliament, the core functions of parliament, the sources of parliament stories. basic conduct by a parliamentary reporter and general qualities and elements of…


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