Program Information

STARTALK Swahili is an intensive four week non-residential program that aims at introducing Swahili to Bloomington high schools. The proposed program will integrate the 5Cs of the National Foreign language Standards with a focus on the C of Communication and the C of Cultures.


STARTALK Schedule of classes - June 13 to July 8

Morning session (9:00am to 11:15am)
LING S 90 (new students): Business (BU) 313
LING-S91(continuing students) Business (BU) 306

Lunch with conversation partners at Indiana Memorial Union - Market: 11:30 to 1:00pm

Afternoon session (1:15 to 2:45pm)
LING S90: Swain West (SW) 217
LING S91: Swain West (SW) 220

For more information please contact:
Dr. Alwiya S. Omar
Indiana University Department of Linguistics
1021 E. Third Street
Memorial Hall 326
Bloomington IN 47405
Tel. (812)855-3323