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Previously Offered Courses » Fall 2013 Courses

African Studies

AFRI L100 Topics in African Society and Culture: Reed Dance Dlamini
AFRI L100 Topics in African Society and Culture: Political Leadership in Africa Sow
AFRI L100 Topics in African Society and Culture: Introduction to Akan/Ghanaian Culture Adu-Amankwah
AFRI L100 Topics in African Society and Culture: Introduction to Wolof Communication and Culture Diouf
AFRI L202 Occultism in Africa Adu-Amankwah
AFRI L231 Contemporary Africa Dibaba
AFRI L400 Topics in African Studies: Drama for Development Dlamini
AFRI L401 Readings and Research in African Studies Grosz-Ngaté
AFRI L402 Internship in African Studies Obeng
AFRI A500 Advanced Topics in African Studies Obeng
AFRI A651 Independent Research/Directed Readings Grosz-Ngaté
AFRI A731 Seminar on Contemporary Africa: Democracy and Development in Africa (also POLS Y657) MacLean

African American and African Diaspora Studies

AAAD A100 African American Dance Company Rosa
AAAD A154 History of Race in the Americas Stanfield
AAAD A221 Dance in the African Diaspora Rosa
AAAD A407 African American and African Protest Strategies Stanfield


ANTH A107 Becoming Human: Evolution Sept
ANTH B200 Bioanthropology Kaestle
ANTH B464 Human Paleontology Hunt
ANTH E200 Social and Cultural Anthropology Buggenhagen
ANTH E300/E600 Photography and Ethnography Buggenhagen
ANTH E381 Ethnography of Family, Work, and Power Clark

Comparative Literature

CMLT C151 Intro to Popular Literature Thiao/Ndour/Arenberg
CMLT C261 Intro to African Literature Julien
CMLT C291 Studies in Non-Western Film - section CLSD 12117 Adesokan
CMLT C671 Topics in Cross Cultural Studies: Biopolitics and Postcolonial Discourse Adesokan

Fine Arts

FINA A355/A55 Art, Craft, and Technology in Sub-Saharan Africa Perline
FINA A650 Problems in African Art: Great Books III: Why Art has Power: Context, Aesthetic Strategy and Social Clout McNaughton

Folklore and Ethnomusicology

FOLK E112 Black Music of Two Worlds (also AAAD-A112) Burnim
FOLK E297 Popular Music of Black America Maultsby
FOLK F301/609 Ghanaian Music, Drumming, and Dance Woma
FOLK F301/609 Ugandan Music and Dance Ensemble Mugishagwe
FOLK F307 Mid Eastern Folklore, Life, and Music: Islam Among the Folk El-Shamy
FOLK F528 Adanced Fieldwork: Representation and Writing Reed


HIST E340 African Popular Culture Moorman
HIST J300 Seminar in History: African History of Technology Moorman
HIST J400 Seminar in History: Cradle of Globalization Machado
HIST W300 Issues in World History: Slavery and Unfreedom in World History Machado


LING A400 Individual Instruction of an African Language Omar
LING B101/B501 Elementary Bamana I Sow
LING B201/B601 Intermediate Bamana I Sow
LING B301/B701 Advanced Bamana I Sow
LING K101/K501 Elementary Akan I Adu-Amankwah
LING K201/K601 Intermediate Akan I Adu-Amankwah
LING K301/K701 Advanced Akan I Adu-Amankwah
LING L103 Introduction to the Study of Language Berkson
LING L306 Phonetics Berkson
LING L367 Languages of the World Obeng
LING L506 Tutorial Instruction in a Foreign Language Omar
LING L530 Introduction to Historical Lingusitics Clements
LING L542 Phonological Analysis Davis
LING L543 Syntactic Analysis Kitagawa
LING L641 Advanced Phonetics De Jong
LING L653 Field Methods in Linguistics Botne
LING S101/S501 Elementary Swahili I Omar
LING S201/S601 Intermediate Swahili I Okelo
LING S301/S701 Advanced Swahili I Tungaraza
LING X101/X501 Elementary Wolof I Diouf
LING X201/X601 Intermediate Wolof I Diouf
LING Y101/Y501 Elementary Yoruba I Schleicher
LING Z101/Z501 Elementary Zulu I Dlamini/Lesetla
LING Z201/Z601 Intermediate Zulu I Lesetla
LING Z301/Z701 Advanced Zulu I Dlamini

Near Eastern languages and Cultures

NELC A100/A500 Elementary Arabic I Morkus/Istrabadi
NELC A200/A600 Intermediate Arabic I Morkus/Istrabadi
NELC A300/A660 Advanced Arabic I Morkus/Al-Raba'a
NELC A400/A680 Advanced Arabic III Morkus
NELC E660 Demotic Egyptia I Vinson
NELC N255/N555 Multimedia Arabic  Al-Ani
NELC N312/N512 Arabic Grammar Al-Ani

Political Science

POLS Y338 African Politics MacLean

School of Public and Environmental Affairs

SPEA V524 Civil Society in Comparative Perspective Lenkowsky
SPEA V567 Approaches to Development Brass

School of Public Health

SPH H150 Childrens Health up to Age 5 Obeng
SPH H414 Health Education in Pre-K - Grade 6 Obeng
SPH E653 Chronic Disease Epidemiology Feresu

Spanish and Portuguese

HISP P415/P515 Women Writing in Portuguese Sadlier