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Spring 2015 Courses

African Studies

AFRI L100 Topics in African Society and Culture: Gumboot Dance: Beauty From Pain Dlamini
AFRI L100 Topics in African Society and Culture: Intro to Akan/Ghanian Culture Adu-Amankwah
AFRI L100 Topics in African Society and Culture: Political Leadership In Africa Sow
AFRI L202 Occultism in Africa Adu-Amankwah
AFRI L232 Contemporary Africa Bentil-Mawusi
AFRI L400 Topics in African Studies: Drama for Development Dlamini
AFRI L401 Readings and Research in African Studies Grosz-Ngate'
AFRI L402 Internship in African Studies Grosz-Ngate'
AFRI A500 Advanced Topics in African Studies Obeng
AFRI A650 Interdisciplinary Research Methods Grosz-Ngate'
AFRI A651 Independent Research and Directed Readings Obeng
AFRI A731 Seminar on Contemporary Africa McNaughton
AFRI A732 Bibliography of Sub-Saharan Africa Frank Wilson

African American and African Diaspora Studies

AAAD A100 African American Dance Company Rosa


ANTH A205 Sustainable Agriculture & Trade Osterhaudt
ANTH P210 Life in the Stone Age Sept
ANTH P314 Early Prehistory of Africa Sept
ANTH E400 Blood, Money, Value Buggenhagen
ANTH E600 Blood, Money, Value Buggenhagen

College of Arts & Sciences

COLL C103 The Ebonics Controversy Davis


EDUC L295 Literacy Lead Service Pre-Trip Samuelson

Fine Arts

FINA A155 Introduction to African Art Fenton
FINA A650 Problems in African Art McNaughton

Folklore and Ethnomusicology

FOLK F301 Ugandan Music and Dance Ensemble Mugishagwe
FOLK F302 Music in African Life Reed
FOLK F354 From Juke Joint to CHoir Loft Burnim
FOLK E607 Music in African Life Reed

French and Italian

FRIT F222 Francophone Media Studies Bouchard
FRIT F300 Reading & Expression in French Panaite
FRIT F310 Black Paris Julien
FRIT F363 La France 1800-Aujourd' Hui Panaite


HIST J300 Soldiers and Veterans Moyd
HIST J300 Christianity in Africa Hanson
HIST J300 African History and Film Moorman
HIST E332 African History: Colonia Rule to Independence Moyd
HIST E333 Conflict in Southern Africa Moorman
HIST H 799 Seminar in World History: The Ocean -- Trans-regional Histories, Routes, and Discourses Machado

Intertational Studies

INTL I303 Advanced Topics in Global Development: Comparative Politics of Natural Resources: Linking the Global and the Local
INTL I310 Africa in the World Abhyankar
INTL I435 Topics With Service Learning in International Studies: One Health: An Indiana/ South Africa Service Learning Experience Muehlenbein


LING B102/502 Elementary Bamana II Sow
LING B202/602 Intermediate Bamana II Sow
LING B302/702 Advanced Bamana II Sow
LING K102/502 Elementary Akan II Antwi
LING K202/602 Intermediate Akan II Adu-Amankwah
LING K302/702 Advanced Akan II Adu-Amankwah
LING S102/502 Elementary Swahili II Okelo/Mwingira
LING S202/602 Intermediate Swahili II Omar/Mfitundinda
LING S302/702 Advanced Swahili II Tungaraza
LING W102/502 Elementary Wolof II Diouf
LING W302/702 Advanced Wolof II Diouf
LING Y102/502 Elementary Yoruba II Ehineni
LING Y202/602 Intermediate Yoruba II Ehineni
LING Z102/502 Elementary Zulu II Lesetla
LING Z202/602 Intermediate Zulu II Dlamini
LING Z302/702 Advanced Zulu II Lesetla
LING L654 Field Methods in Linguistics Obeng

Near Eastern languages and Cultures

NELC A250 Intermediate Arabic II Morkus
NELC A350 Advanced Arabic II Morkus
NELC A450 Advanced Arabic IV Morkus
NELC A550 Elementary Arabic II Morkus
NELC A650 Intermediate Arabic II Morkus
NELC A670 Advanced Arabic II Morkus
NELC A690 Advanced Arabic IV Morkus

Political Science

POLS Y107 Real Politics Around the World MacLean
POLS Y343 Politics of International Development MacLean

School of Public and Environmental Affairs

SPEA V450 International NGO Management Comparative Perspective Brass
SPEA V450 United States Foreign Policy and Third World Regimes Afoaku
SPEA V534 NGO Management in Comparative Perspective Brass
SPEA V550 United States Foreign Policy and Third World Regimes Afoaku

Public Health

SPH X580 Qualitative Research in Public Health Obeng
SPH H650 Public Health in Africa Reece

Spanish and Portuguese

HISP P401 Literature of the Portuguese-Speaking World I Vieira
HISP P501 Literature of the Portuguese-Speaking World II Vieira