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African language courses will have the AFRI prefix beginning Fall 2017

Early registration for Fall 2017 begins April 3. Please note that effective Fall 2017, all African Language courses will carry the AFRI prefix instead of LING. For example, Elementary Bamana I used to be indentified as LING-B 101 but will now be listed as AFRI-B 101. You can find all AFRI courses, including African Language courses, on the IU Regristrar's Schedule of Classes page.

Spring 2017

African Studies

AFRI A-500 Advanced Topics in African Studies Hanson
AFRI A-650 Interdisciplinary Research Methods Grosz-Ngaté
AFRI A-651 Independent Research/Directed Readings Hanson
AFRI A-731 Seminar on Contemporary Africa:
African Mobilities and Expressive Culture.
Find seminar description here.
AFRI L-100 Topics in African Society and Culture:
Gumboot Dance-Beauty from Pain
AFRI L-100 Topics in African Society and Culture:
Political Leadership In Africa
AFRI L-102 Akan Society Life and Culture Adu-Amankwah
AFRI L-202 Occultism in Africa Adu-Amankwah
AFRI L-232 Contemporary Africa Bradford
AFRI L-400 Topics in African Studies: Drama for Development Dlamini
AFRI X-390 Readings and Research: African Studies Hanson
AFRI X-473 Internship in African Studies Hanson
*African Language courses are listed under "Linguistics"


ANTH B-464 Human Paleontology Hunt
ANTH E-300 Culture Areas and Ethnic Groups:
Photography and Ethnography
ANTH E-300 Culture Areas and Ethnic Groups:
Islam In and Out of Africa
ANTH P-314 Early Pre-history of Africa Sept

Art History

ARTH A-355 Art, Craft, and Technology in Sub-Saharan Africa Pelrine
ARTH A-650 Problems in African Art McNaughton

College of Arts and Sciences

COLL C-103 Critical Approaches:
Arts and Humanities: Magic, Science, and Art in Africa

French and Italian

FRIT F-467 French Beyond the Hexagon Julien


HIST H-695 Colloquium in African History: Histories of Humanitarianism Moyd
HIST J-300 Seminar in History: Christianity in Africa Hanson
HIST W-200 World History: Soccer Machado


LING A-400 Advanced Individual Study of an African Language Tungaraza
LING B-102/502 Elementary Bamana II Sow
LING B-202/602 Intermediate Bamana II Sow
LING B-302/702 Advanced Bamana II Sow
LING K-102/502 Elementary Akan II Adu-Amankwah
LING K-202/602 Intermediate Akan II Adu-Amankwah
LING K-302/702 Advanced Akan II Adu-Amankwah
LING L-432 Advanced Field Methods Botne
LING L-654 Field Methods in Linguistics Botne
LING S-102/502 Elementary Swahili II Mwingira
LING S-202/602 Intermediate Swahili II Omar
LING S-302/702 Advanced Swahili II Tungaraza
LING X-102/502 Elementary Wolof II TBD
LING X-202/602 Intermediate Wolof II TBD
LING X-302/702 Advanced Wolof II TBD
LING Y-102/502 Elementary Yoruba II Ehineni
LING Y-202/602 Intermediate Yoruba II Ehineni
LING Y-302/702 Advanced Yoruba II Alabi
LING Z-102/502 Elementary Zulu II Dlamini
LING Z-202/602 Intermediate Zulu II Lesetla
LING Z-302/702 Advanced Zulu II Lesetla

Media School

MSCH F-204 Topics in Media, Culture, and Society: Emerging Media: Nollywood Films Adesokan
MSCH F-204 Topics in Media, Culture, and Society: Migrants and Refugees in Film Adesokan

Near Eastern Language and Culture

NELC A-150/550 Elementary Arabic II Morkus
NELC A-350/650 Immediate Arabic II Morkus
NELC A-350/670 Advanced Arabic II Morkus
NELC A-450/690 Advanced Arabic IV Morkus

Political Science

POLS Y-107 Introduction to Comparative Politics MacLean
POLS Y-657 Comparative Politics: Political Economy of Development MacLean

Public and Environmental Affairs

SPEA N-534 NGO Management for International Development Brass
SPEA V-450/550 Contemporary Issues in Public Affairs:
African Political Economy
SPEA V-450/548 Contemporary Issues in Public Affairs:
US Foreign Policy & Third World Regimes

Spanish and Portuguese

HISP P-401 Literature of Portuguese Speaking World Namorato
HISP P-501 Literature of Portuguese Speaking World II Namorato

*Download the full course listing here.
This list will be continuously updated.

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