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Dual Master of Arts in African Studies and Master of Public Health

The African Studies Program (School of Global and International Studies) and the School of Public Health (SPH) jointly offer a three-year program that qualifies students for a dual masterís degree (M.A./M.P.H). The program is a response to the growing need for public health personnel with Africa-specific knowledge and research experience in the humanities and social sciences. The dual M.A./M.P.H program requires completion of a minimum of 60 credit hours of graduate course work and the two degrees must be awarded simultaneously. Students will be assigned a mentor or an advisor from each unit. The studentís thesis committee must include a representative from each academic unit who will serve as Co-Chairs of the thesis project.

Admissions Requirements

Same as for the School of Global and International Studies Master of Arts in African Studies degree except that students must also apply to the masterís program of the School of Public Health and meet its established M.P.H admissions

Other Stipulations

Students must pass all routine requirements of the MPH program including satisfactory performance on the C650 Culminating Experience in addition to the completion of the masterís thesis.

Public Health Core Courses (15 Credits)

A minimum fifteen credit hours of course work distributed as follows:

  • SPH B589 Social and Behavioral Determinants of Health (3cr.)
  • SPH E651 Epidemiology (3 cr.)
  • SPH P510 Organization and Administration of Public Health Programs (3 cr.)
  • SPH Q501 Introduction to Statistics in Public Health (3 cr.)
  • SPH V541 Environmental Health (3 cr.)

Public Health Required Courses (7 Credits)

  • SPH-B 696 Field Experience in Public Health (4 cr.)
  • SPH-B 698 MPH Culminating Experience (3 cr.)

Concentration Coursework (12 Credits)

  • SPH-B 501 Assessment & Planning in Public Health (3 cr.)
  • SPH-B 529 Health and Disease Disparities in Diverse Communities (3 cr.)
  • SPH-B 602 Intervention Design in Public Health (3 cr.)
  • SPH-H 562 Health Program Evaluation (3 cr.)

African Studies Core Courses (9-15 Credits)

Twelve to fifteen credit hours as follows:

  • AFRI A731 African Studies Interdisciplinary Graduate Seminar (3-6 cr.)
  • AFRI A650 Interdisciplinary Research Methods (3 cr.)
  • AFRI A651 Independent Research/Directed Readings (3-6 cr.)

Language Requirement

Same as for the M.A. in African Studies.


Electives to complete a minimum total of 26 credits in African Studies chosen from 100% Africa content courses or from cross-listed courses African Studies elective courses may be selected from the range of cross-listed African Studies offerings in the College of Arts and Sciences and several professional schools, with the approval of the studentís major advisor. AFRI A-731 may be taken for up to six credits because the topic for the African Studies Interdisciplinary Graduate Seminar changes every year and is offered by different faculty members on a rotating basis. A student may take it for fewer than three credits after having taken it once for three credits. SPH courses may include any elective within the School of Public Health that complements an area of topical or methodological focus and has a minimum of 25% Africa content.

Master's Committee and Thesis or Project

Students are required to constitute a committee composed of a representative from African Studies and Public Health who will serve as co-chairs of the thesis or project, and one additional member with relevant regional or topical expertise. Students have the option of writing a thesis or doing a project in accordance with the guidelines provided on the Master of Arts in African Studies page. There is no M.A. examination option.

The African Studies and SPH degrees must be awarded simultaneously.

Download the University Graduate School Bulletin for 2017-2018 here.