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African Languages Resources

Indiana University has superb resources for teaching and learning African languages. We have made significant contributions to the development of pedagogical materials in African languages. Over 40 language manuals have been prepared by or under the direction of our faculty members for the U.S. Department of Education, Peace Corps, and for colleges and universities. IUB’s Center for Language Technology (CeLT) provides a variety of services along with the latest technology to enhance language learning, pedagogy, and research. In addition, the Herman B. Wells Library has print and audio-visual materials in more than 700 African languages.

Languages and Cultures at IUB
Experience sociolinguistic customs through interactive dialogues, texts, and exercises for Akan/Twi, Bamana, isiZulu, and Kiswahili. (Requires an IU login ID and password.)  

Listening Exercises at IUB
Listen to audio files, answer questions, and submit responses electronically for Bambara, Kiswahili, Twi, and IsiZulu (password protected)  

IUB Language Lab
The Language Lab on IU's Bloomington campus is an integral part of the Center for Language Technology (CeLT) and provides language learning resources. CeLT is home to many African language materials.  

Folk Tales and Songs

Other African Language Resources