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Twi is a dialect of Akan, the principle language of Ghana. About 9 million people speak Akan, most of whom live in the Ashanti Region. Akan is also spoken in Côte-d'Ivoire. The Ashanti people take great pride in their language, since it reflects not only their culture but also the history of their great nation.

Current courses: Akan/Twi

Course Fall Spring
Elementary K101/K501 K102/K502
Intermediate K201/K601 K202/K602
Advanced K301/K701 K302/K702
4th-year L506 L506

African Languages Minor Requirements: Akan/Twi Track

6 language courses:

  • Elementary level (K101; K102)
  • Intermediate level (K201; K202)
  • Advanced level (K301; K302)

1 linguistics course:

  • Introduction to African Linguistics (L480), or
  • Languages in Africa (L481)

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