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Minor in African Studies


The Minor is intended to give students a broad, interdisciplinary understanding of Africa. It complements a wide range of majors.


  • AFRI-L 231, HIST-H 227, or AFRI-L 232
  • Four elective courses, totaling at least 12 credit hours, from at least two different departments. Courses may be an African Studies course or chosen from the list of courses with full or partial Africa content (contact African Studies Program Undergraduate Advisor Tavy Aherne for listing). At least one course must have 100 per cent Africa content. Three courses (at least 9 credit hours) must be at the 300400 level; at least one elective course must be taught inside the College of Arts and Sciences. Students may also transfer courses from Study Abroad in Africa. Language courses cannot be applied toward elective requirements.
  • Two semesters of a language spoken on the African continent. This requirement may be fulfilled by completing two semesters of French, Portuguese, Arabic, or an African language offered through the African Studies Program. The Policy on Counting a Course toward Multiple Degree Objectives will apply.