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African Languages Tea Time

Spring 2018

January 25 through April 26 | Noon - 2:00pm (unless otherwise noted) | GISB Atrium
Thursday, January 25 Wolof
Thursday, February 8 Yoruba
Thursday, March 1Akan *11am - 1pm
Tuesday, March 6Zulu *11am - 1pm
Wednesday, April 18
8:00am - 5:00pm
All Languages as part of IU Day!

Fall 2017

September 7 through November 28 | Noon - 2:00pm | GISB Atrium
**Please note date change for Swahili Tea Time below

Thursday, September 7 Wolof
Thursday, September 21 Akan
Thursday, October 5 Yoruba
Thursday, October 19 Zulu
Thursday, November 2 Bamana
**Tuesday, November 28Swahili

Learn more about African Languages at Indiana University here.