My friend Agothe made this for me as a going away present. It is the most traditional outfit represented in this collection of slides. There are four distinct parts: 1) the pagne, or cloth that is wrapped to cover the bottom half of the body, 2) a fitted top, 3) afoulard, or strip of cloth used to cover the head, or wrapped and placed on the head to help balance items for carrying, 4) a second length of cloth that can be wrapped at the waist as well, or worn as a wrap for upper body, or used as a shawl for the head and shoulders, or wrapped around the hips to accentuate them when dancing, or used to carry a baby.

It is important when wrapping the pagne that one stands with the feet wide apart and the knees are bent. This will assure that one will be able to take a comfortable stride after having tucked in the ends of the pagne. The top could have been of any number of cuts. What is important is that the outfit is made of the saine cloth, with the borders being put to best artistic display. Often groups of women who belong to the same political or social organization, family or profession will have outfits made of the same materials. Especially on Sundays and at social functions, this "club attire" can be seen as groups stroll.