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This garment is again of the gant shape. A new element of this garment is the mixture of polished basain, with traditional printed cloth. The print design is representative of weavings that are done by hand. The design of the dark blue basain is a combination of geometric shapes. Also, there is the use of applique technique, in the shape of a bud and a leaf. Bibiane, a French-speaking Cameroonian teenager explained that this mixture of basain and printed cloth, combined with this less functional, more modem cut, is referred to as "Afritude" style clothing.

"Afritude" style clothing combines both the modem and the traditional to create fashion statements that reflect current Cameroonian life, as compared with either totally traditional wraps, or totally European wear. Again, this type of dress is usually found in metropolitan locations. Afritude is the name of a successful chain of African clothing shops which sell such items as T-shirts (with both political and sports logos), and fashionable clothing made of the finest basains. Normally, when clothing is purchased there are no labels.

The chain Afritude, however, does include a label to let you know that you are getting the real Afritude brand. The garment on this slide was not purchased at anafritude shop, but is of Afritude style, at least according to one hip city dwelling teenager.