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This two-piece outfit is called "un boubou avec pantalon" by the French speaking Cameroomans, and is called "jumper" or "saari" by the English speaking ones. The outfit is worn by males only. Many of the women in our group purchased similar outfits, however, to wear upon returning home because of their extreme comfort and beauty. The top can be of various lengths. One feature very practical and useful feature is the large, deep pockets which are often centered on the side seams of the top. The embroidery, found at the neck, arm and leg cuffs and pockets, is rich, geometrical and asymmetrical. The cloth is a polished basain.
wn is called "gant" in French-speaking Cameroon. As was explained to me, with accompanying hand gesture, it is calledgant because in comparison to the more free-flowing garments, its fit more resembles that of a glove. As was explained to me by an English speakingcameroonian, this cut of garment is not called gant. The French speaking Cameroonian simply misunderstood the English word "gown" and picked the closest phonetic French equivalent, gant. --"And so it goes. " Kurt Vonnegut