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African Studies

daduaman at
Phone: 857-3665

David Adu-Amankwah

Senior Lecturer

Regional focus: Ghana
Research interests: African languages and cultures; Ghanaian humor; ethnopragmatics

bsdlamin at
Phone: 855-7666

Betty Dlamini


Regional focus: Swaziland, South Africa, Southern Africa
Research interests: African languages and cultures; drama for development; the African novel

mgrosz at
Phone: 855-5081

Maria Grosz-Ngate

Associate Director
Adjunct Faculty, Anthropology

Regional focus: Mali, Senegal
Research interests: conversion to and practice of Islam in West Africa; socio-cultural change

jhhanson at
Phone: 855-5212

John Hanson


Associate Professor

Regional focus: Mali, Senegal, Ghana, West Africa
Research interests: African Muslim societies in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries; religion in Africa; social and cultural history; Arabic texts; memory

absow at
Phone: 855-8284

Amadou Beidy Sow


Regional focus: Mali
Research interests: Education and political leadership

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African-American and African Diaspora Studies

rosa at
Phone: 855-6853

Iris Rosa

Director, Africa-American Dance Company

Regional focus: West Africa, the US, the Caribbean
Research interests: Modern dance; jazz and ethnic dance; traditional dances of the diasporas; teaching and choreography

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babuggen at
Phone: 855-0617

Beth Buggenhagen

Assistant Professor

Regional focus: Senegal, New York, Chicago
Research interests: Islam; gender; neoliberal global capital; visual and material culture; migration; ethnography; economic anthropology

kdhunt at
Phone: 855-3857

Kevin Hunt


Regional focus: Tanzania, Uganda
Research interests: human paleontology; chimpanzee anatomy; ecology and behavior

sept at
Phone: 855-5395

Jeanne Sept


Regional focus: Kenya, Tanzania, Sudan, Congo, Cote d’Ivoire
Research interests: African prehistory; paleoanthropology; primate ecology; paleoecology and plant foods

wilk at
Phone: 855-

Richard Wilk


Regional focus:
Research interests:

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Apparel Merchandising and Interior Design

hakou at
Phone: 855-5395

Heather Akou

Associate Professor

Regional focus: Mali, Somalia
Research interests: textile analysis, design, and product development; Africa and African Diaspora; socio-cultural textiles and apparel; non-western histories of dress; migration and globalization; fashion theory and symbolic interaction

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Applied Health Science

bmeyerso at
Phone: 855-3627

Beth Meyerson

Assistant Professor

Regional focus: Kenya, Nigeria, Botswana, India, Russia, and the Caribbean
Research interests: Structural barriers to health or disease prevention; health policy capacties in communites and among health professionals; social constructions of and by health policy target populations; HIV testing experiences

semiddle at
Phone: 856-5768

Susan Middlestadt

Associate Professor

Regional focus: Mali, East Africa
Research interests: Public health; sexual health; health communication

cobeng at
Phone: 856-0502

Cecilia Obeng

Associate Professor

Regional focus: Ghana
Research interests:pre-school health; role of the family in the development of children; culture, care, and child health

mireece at
Phone: 855-0068

Michael Reece

Associate Professor

Regional focus: Kenya, Uganda, South Africa
Research interests:sexual health and behaviors; HIV/AIDS education and prevention; health care management

torabi at
Phone: 855-4808

Mohammad Torabi


Regional focus:Ghana, Kenya, Thailand
Research interests:measurement and evaluation of school and public health education programs and factors associated with health behavior; health promotion and key factors related to individuals’ decisions in the prevention of drug abuse, cancer, HIV/AIDS infection

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Art Museum

dpelrine at
Phone: 855-1036

Diane Pelrine

Associate Director for Curatorial Services; Curator of the Arts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas

Regional focus:Eastern Africa, Cameroon
Research interests:visual arts of Eastern Africa; African crafts

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denew at
Phone: 855-0653

Dawn New


Regional focus:South Africa, Botswana
Research interests:business communication; organizational communication

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Communication and Culture

janegood at
Phone: 855-3232

Jane Goodman

Associate Professor

Regional focus:Algeria, Tunisia, France
Research interests:language and performance; colonialism; textuality and discourse

martinmt at
Phone: 855-6427

Michael Martin

Professor; Director, Black Film Center/Archive

Regional focus:West Africa, Diasporas in Latin America
Research interests:postcolonial metropolitan and African cinemas; Diasporic cinemas; redress social movements; transnational migration

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Comparative Literature

adesokan at
Phone: 855-7935

Akin Adesokan

Associate Professor

Regional focus: Nigeria
Research interests: African and African Diaspora literatures and cultures; global postcoloniality; African cinema and contemporary global cinemas; postcolonial intellectual history; nonfictional prose; and literary and cultural theory

vhallora at
Phone: 855-0500

Vivian Halloran

Associate Professor

Regional focus: Caribbean
Research interests: Caribbean, ethnic American, postcolonial literatures

ejulien at
Phone: 855-8432

Eileen Julien


Regional focus: Senegal, West Africa, Paris, New Orleans
Research interests: literatures of Africa; the Diaspora; the novel; feminism

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elant at
Phone: 856-8110

Erna Alant


Regional focus: South Africa
Research interests: development of communication systems for people who have no or little speech within poverty contexts; speech-language pathology

nyikos at
Phone: 856-8272

Martha Nyikos

Associate Professor

Regional focus: Cameroon, Senegal, Azerbaijan
Research interests: cognitive and socialization factors in language learning and strategies of foreign language students; collaboration; constructivist approaches and resistance factors in teacher development

blsamuel at
Phone: 856-8256

Beth Samuelson

Assistant Professor

Regional focus: Rwanda
Research interests: literacy, culture, and language education

msutton at
Phone: 856-8368

Margaret Sutton

Assistant Professor

Regional focus: Zambia, Malawi, Asia
Research interests: comparative international education policy; gender and education; research methods in education

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Fine Arts

mcnaught at
Phone: 855-2548

Patrick McNaughton

Chancellor’s Professor

Regional focus: Mali, Tanzania, Cameroon
Research interests: art and entrepreneurial connections across historical West Africa; social relevance of aesthetics and form; nature of meaning and its uses

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Folklore and Ethnomusicology

burnim at
Phone: 855-4258

Mellonee Burnim


Regional focus: Malawi, Liberia, the US
Research interests: Black religious music and aesthetics; music in the African Diaspora

reedd at
Phone: 855-2535

Daniel Reed

Associate Professor

Regional focus: Cote d’Ivoire
Research interests: African music and expressive culture; transformations in African music; music performance and identity; music and religion

stone at
Phone: 855-0398

Ruth Stone

Professor; Vice Provost for Research

Regional focus: Liberia, West Africa
Research interests: ethnomusicology; issues of time; folklore; indigenous theories of music

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Geological Sciences

jknjau at
Phone: 856-3170

Jackson Njau

Assistant Professor

Regional focus: Kenya
Research interests: vertebrate taphonomy and paleoenvironments of African hominins

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jhhanson at
Phone: 855-5212

John Hanson

Director, African Studies

Associate Professor

Regional focus: Mali, Senegal, Ghana, West Africa
Research interests: African Muslim societies in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries; religion in Africa; social and cultural history; Arabic texts; memory

lichtens at
Phone: 855-7504

Alex Lichtenstein

Associate Professor

Regional focus: South Africa; the US
Research interests: labor history and the struggle for racial justice in societies shaped by white supremacy

pmachado at
Phone: 855-1320

Pedro Machado

Assistant Professor

Regional focus: Indian Ocean, South Africa; Mozambique; India
Research interests: world history, ocean histories, slavery and trade networks

moorman at
Phone: 855-5384

Marissa Moorman

Associate Professor

Regional focus: Angola, Southern Africa
Research interests: intersections between politics and culture in colonial and independent Angola; music, media, gender, and nationhood in historical and contemporary Africa

mimoyd at
Phone: 856-4787

Michelle Moyd

Assistant Professor

Regional focus:Tanzania, Uganda, East Africa
Research interests: African military history; social and cultural history of colonial armies; German colonialism in Africa; gender and warfare

ejwatts at
Phone: 855-6882

Edward Watts


Regional focus:Mediterranean world; Egypt; Tunisia
Research interests: religious, social, and intellectual history of the ancient Mediterranean

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Institute for Digital Arts and Humanities

clahende at
Phone: 855-0969

Clara Henderson

Associate Director

Regional focus:Malawi, Nigeria
Research interests: anthropology of dance; dance, music and religion; ethnographic film; history of ethnomusicology; ethnomusicological research

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brownkd at

Kevin D. Brown


Regional focus: Ghana, the US
Research interests: race, law, and education

jkrishna at
Phone: 856-0434

Jayanth Krishnan


Regional focus: Ghana; Nigeria; United States; India; Brazil; China
Research interests: The legal profession; the behavior of lawyers; law and globalization; legal education; immigration; property law

cochoa at
Phone: 856-1516

Christiana Ochoa


Regional focus: DRC: Colombia; Brazil; Nicaragua; Latin America
Research interests: Global governance; human rights

dacwilli at

David Williams


Regional focus: Liberia
Research interests: constitutional law; Liberian constitution revision; Native American

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mfrankwi at

Marion Frank-Wilson

African Studies Librarian

Regional focus: Uganda, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, South Africa
Research interests: African literature; travel writing by Africans; bibliography; African crime novels

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botner at

Robert Botne


Regional focus: Gabon, Rwanda, Malawi
Research interests: Bantu, tense/aspect/modality systems, morphology, comparative linguistics, lexical semantics of verbs

davis at

Stuart Davis


Regional focus:Egypt
Research interests: Semitic languages

sobeng at
Phone: 855-8284/855-8199

Samel Obeng


Regional focus: West and East Africa: Ghana, Cameroon, Niger, Kenya, and Tanzania
Research interests: African political and juridical discourse; African anthroponomy; language policy and language attitudes in Africa; pidgins and creoles; pragmatics of prosody; African languages documentation; evaluation and testing in African languages

aomar at

Alwiya Omar

Clinical Professor; Coordinator, African Languages Program

Regional focus: Tanzania, East Africa
Research interests: computer assisted language learning; second-language acquisition; Kiswahili and cross-cultural pragmatics; study abroad language programs

anyschle at
Phone: 856-3669

Antonia Schleicher

Director, US National African Language Resource Center

Regional focus: West Africa, Nigeria, Mali, Niger, Cameroon
Research interests: Pedagogical issues in foreign and second language acquisition; theory and practice of teaching African languages; structure and analysis of African languages

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Near Eastern Languages and Cultures

alani at

Salman Al-Ani


Regional focus: Arabic North Africa
Research interests: Arabic linguistics with a special emphasis on phonetics, phonology, morphology and syntax; teaching Arabic as a second language with the application of Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL); translation

zistraba at

Zaineb Istrabadi

Senior Lecturer

Regional focus: Arabic North Africa and the Middle East
Research interests: teaching Arabic as a second language; interfaith dialogues; community outreach; Sufism

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aeelsner at
Phone: 856-1500

Ann Elsner


Regional focus:
Research interests: Age-related macular disease; spectral imaging of the area of internal limiting membrane peeling

hornerdg at

Douglas Horner

Associate Professor

Regional focus: South Africa
Research interests: myopia control; remediation; quantitative aspects of corneal shape

dwlyon at
Phone: 856-1964

Don Lyon

Clinical Associate Professor

Regional focus:
Research interests: Correction of Myopia

tpeabody at

Todd Peabody

Assistant Clinical Professor

Regional focus: Ghana, Kuwait
Research interests: clinical practice in visual analysis, patient care, and optometric procedures

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Political Science

macleanl at

Lauren M. MacLean

Associate Professor

Regional focus: Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire
Research interests: comparative political economy and public policy, with a focus on the politics of state formation, social welfare, and citizenship in Africa and the U.S.

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School of Public and Environmental Affairs

osafoaku at

Osita Afoaku

Clinical Professor

Regional focus: Nigeria, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Research interests: Human rights; sustainable development; democratization and state reconstruction in Africa; U.S.-African/Third World relations; UN Security Council reform

brassj at

Jennifer Brass

Assistant Professor

Regional focus: Kenya, Djibouti
Research interests: African politics; non-governmental organizations; energy and international development; comparative public administration; governance; civil society; political economy of development

thomsona at
Phone: 855-7980

Ann Marie Thomson

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Regional focus: DRC
Research interests: International development; nongovermental organizations

hewakhun at

Henry Wakhungu

Senior Lecturer

Regional focus: Kenya, Nigeria
Research interests: development of growth simulation models for sustainable management of indigenous community forests; experimental designs in tropical forestry research; service-learning researcht

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Spanish and Portuguese

lnamorat at

Luciana Namorato

Associate Professor

Regional focus:Lusophone world
Research interests: twentieth and twenty-first century Brazilian literature; contermporary Latin American narrative; gender studies

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Theatre and Drama

mcgibbon at
Phone: 855-7052

Murray McGibbon

Associate Professor

Regional focus:South Africa, Swaziland, Namibia
Research interests: theater production and direction; post-apartheid South African drama