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AAADS Living Life Series




Our objective with this series is to examine current systemic and evolving issues that impact Black people dailey existence.

2013/2014 Events



"The Roots of the Trayvon Martin Case: Violent Whiteness and Black Resistance": Komozi Woodard

Monday, October 21, 2013 from 4-6:00pm| Neal Marshall Bridgewater Lounge

"Drawing on his research into the 1970s Stop Killer Cop Campaigns and the 1980s National Black United Front, Komozi Woodard will connect the dots of resistance to violent whiteness yesterday, today and tomorrow."

Komozi Woodard is the author of A Nation Within a Nation: Amiri Baraka and Black Power Politics, The Black Power Movement, Part I: Ariri Baraka, From Black Arts to Black Radicalism (editor), Freedom North (editor), Groundwork (editor), Want to Start a Revolution?: Women in the Black Freedom Struggle (editor).


"Reconciliation as Radical Risk Taking - Lessons and Challenges from South Aftrica": Allen Boesak

Monday, November 4, 2013 from 4-600pm|Neal Marshall Bridgewater Lounte

Dr. Allan Boesak is an Anti-Apartheid activist and the current Desmond Tutu Chair for Peace, Global Justice, and Reconciliation Studies at Butler University. The title recognizes Boesak's influential activism against racial apartheid in the 1980s in his native South Africa, where he worked closely with Archbishop Tutu and Nelson Mandela, the country's former president. He has received anumerous awards, including the Robert Kennedy Human Rights Award and the Martin Luther King Jr. Peace Award.