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Indiana University Bloomington

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Emeritus Faculty

A.B. Assensoh

Alma Mater: PhD, New York University, 1984



Winona Fletcher

African American Studies, African American Theater and Drama Chair, Afro-American Studies

Herman Hudson *

Comparative Literature
Founder, Minority Achievers Program (which sponsors the Hudson-Holland Program); Founder and First Chair, Afro-American Studies; Dean, African American Affairs

Phyllis Klotman *

African American Literature, African American and African Diasporic Film Founder, Black Film Center/Archive; Dean, Women’s Affairs

Audrey T. McCluskey

Professor; past Director of Graduate Studies
Alma Mater: PhD, Indiana University Bloomington, 1991

Office: Ballantine Hall, 512


John McCluskey Jr.

Professor; Adjunct Professor of English
Alma Mater: MA, Stanford University, 1972

Office: Ballantine Hall, 512


James E. Mumford

African American Choral Ensemble
Director, African American Choral Ensemble

John H. Stanfield II

Alma Mater: Masters of Sacred Theology, Boston University M.A.,PhD, Northwestern University


William Wiggins Jr.

African American and African Diaspora Studies, Folklore Acting Chair, Afro-American Studies; Current Acting Director, Faculty and Staff for Excellence Mentoring Program

Vernon J. Williams Jr.

Alma Mater: Ph.D., Brown University, 1977

Office: Ballantine Hall, 512


* deceased